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Ladies Mad Hatter Makeup

It’s been 6 years since I was the Mad Hatter for carnival and I just WISH these Mad Hatter makeup tutorials had been around back then. You can see my DIY Mad Hatter costume here. There are some AMAZING tutorials on Youtube, which I thought … Read more

Alice in Wonderland Makeup

Alice in Wonderland Makeup

This Alice in Wonderland makeup is almost an optical illusion! I found it on pinterest and just had to share. The tiny little rocking chair and the Cheshire Cat almost look like pupils until you see that the eyes are actually closed. This is a … Read more


How to do a donut hair bun

Yesterday I went for a mini shopping spree in Primark. One thing on my wishlist was one of those hair donut things because my hair is so long now and I wanted something to change it up from a normal ponytail. I had a few … Read more

Cheshire Cat Makeup

Cheshire Cat Makeup Tutorial

This Cheshire Cat makeup tutorial is the most awesome thing ever! It’s based on Tim Burton’s Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland and created by Erica aka Makeupstop123 on Youtube. She has pulled out all the stops and used the anime eye makeup trick, when … Read more

DIY Blonde Hair with Pink Dip-Dye!

If you are following me on instagram (you’re not? Click here!) then you may have seen that yesterday I received some parcels and in one of them was my pink semi-permanent hair dye I ordered from Amazon. I expected the bottle to be smaller and … Read more

DIY Dip Dye Hair

So I was quite early to the whole dip-dye party. So early in fact I had a few strange glances when I first donned my My Little Pony inspired pastel hair in Summer of 2011. Sharpie pen dip dye This photo is not from hair … Read more