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Beauty Faves 2013

I’m looking forward to blogging a bit more about my makeup on Cuteek as sometimes I don’t really know what to write about.

This week I’m going to show you some beauty faves: the makeup item I can’t live without, the most overhyped makeup item I own and my favourite perfume.

the makeup item I can’t live without is…

Looks like i will be revealing some beauty secrets here! I love the natural makeup look for Summer, but if I’m honest, I really dislike wearing any makeup in the daytime if I don’t have to. Night time is different, if I don’t have makeup on when the sun goes down I tend to look like a zombie on a bad day.

I’m going to reveal 2 makeup products that I cannot live without. Even when I’m not wearing lots of makeup, these are ESSENTIAL to my daily skincare routine and I wish I could go back to my younger self and tell her to use them everyday to avoid the terrible sun damage I have from not using them. Yes, I’m talking about facial sunscreen!

The first is just a supermarket sunscreen, but what I love about it is that it has a milky texture and doesn’t go on as white as other sunscreens. Although the bottle is only small, it tends to last me a good few months and only costs around 5€. It’s specially formulated for the face and is SPF50 which is perfect for me. I use it on it’s own when I can’t be bothered wearing makeup, or underneath and then I dust a bit of bronzer and concealer on top.

I recently discovered a new BB cream with SPF50 by Garnier. I whooped for joy when I started seeing tv adverts and facebook ads with this product, it’s just what I needed! A little bit of colour and blemish cover up with factor 50 and lovely coverage, especially when I feel like going barefaced at the pool or beach. I picked this up at my local supermarket and it was about 11€ but a little product goes a long way, if you are in the UK you will probably be able to find it in Boots.com or superdrug.


the most overhyped makeup item I own is…

power pout mua

Nearly every makeup company has a version of this chubby lipbalm crayon but my favourite purse-friendly makeup brand MUA brought out their own version for just 3€! I wrote all about it here in this post ‘MUA Cosmetics Power Pout’. The shade I have is called ‘Brokenhearted’ and is the perfect colour for me, I even wear it to bed as it’s so hydrating!

my favourite perfume is…

I usually go for more lemon or citrus smelling perfumes such as DKNY or CK Summer but my other half (OH) bought me this lovely Scarlett By Cacharel for Christmas one year. I only have a little bit left as it’s one that I wear when I dress up and do all my makeup, almost like my ‘dressy perfume’ if you like. I love the bottle design it’s very intricate!

scarlett perfume

I think perfume can be overpowering in the Summer, so I tend to just use deodorant and Soap and Glory body lotion for a light scent, but this is my current fave.

This turned into such a long post but I hope you join in with the Beauty Scavenger Hunt too and let me know in the comments below, which makeup item you can’t live without?