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Geek Life Lately 2

Autumn Zombies

Phew what a week! This week has certainly had some twists and turns, but I’m going to focus on the positive if I can, because I’m still processing some things in my head.

The beginning of the week began with a fresh breeze in the air, one that allowed me to burn some custard scented melts in my wax burner, don my hoodie and feel a little ‘Autumny’.

E took me to Mango and treated me to this super cute Mickey Mouse sweater. It’s an early birthday gift!

Mickey Mouse Sweater

You may remember I had kidney surgery in February, so I had some follow up appointments and tests to check on that, with more coming in November.

Although I’m not going anywhere for Halloween this year, I decided I will still dress up and take some pics for fun. I have a busy week coming up so I need to find time, but I have already bought my electric blue wig for a Coraline cosplay!


We tried out a new supermarket, it was so big we couldn’t find anything. Naturally I dawdled in the fruit aisle taking photos instead of looking for crackers and pickles like I was supposed to. The red grapes looked delicious and on the right we have some ‘tunos’ fruit which grows on cactus.

Grapes and Tunos fruit

Zombie Doll

Nearly every Halloween I make a custom doll of some kind over on my doll collecting blog. The last one I did was this My Little Pony Rarity turned Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. This year I joined the International Geek Girls Pen Pal Club (IGGPPC), where the Iggle Craft Club have a craft challenge for October to make a zombie doll.

My Disney Princess Belle doll was my blank canvas, here she is enjoying a bubble bath pre-zombifying. 30 minutes later the poor girl had her eyes gauged out and the zombie skin was being applied. She is now a Mermaid Zombie!

Belle Disney Doll
Custom Zombie Doll

Spanish Deberes

I’ve had loads of homework as I’m halfway through a Spanish speaking course. I wish I’d done it long ago, this year it was time to up my game instead of speaking Spanglish all the time. It’s only a little class of 5 or 6 so we really get the attention we need for the whole hour.

Spanish Homework

My week in stats:

noms I ate:

McDonald’s Happy Meal
Crackers, cheese and pickles
Too many bars of chocolate


The Vampire Diaries Season
Jane the Virgin
Family Guy
Red Band Society
The Reef


29,542 steps

video games played:

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff

How was your week? Less than a week until Halloween woohoo!