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August Fitness Gaming Challenge 2022

After a successful return to the 30 Day Fitness Gaming Challenge in July, we are back for the August challenge! Please feel free to check out the Fitness Game Club on Twitter and join us. I’ll be playing various fitness games to level up and lose weight.

Each day I’ll be updating my progress here on the blog with workout photos, motivation and videos. My goal is to be Fit at 40, which is a long term goal and my focus for these challenges. I can’t wait to see your updates too, let me know in the comments if you are tracking this on your own blog or YouTube so I can check it out.

a workout date with myself on Ring Fit Adventure
August 30 Day Fitness Gaming Challenge

Weight-loss results for this challenge

August 1st start weight: 72.4 kg
August 30th end weight: kg
Total weight loss after 30 days: kg

Day 1 – Let’s go!

Woke up to a nice cloudy morning and it was the perfect time to do some yoga before it got too hot to move. I went with my go to 7 Minute Boost practice from Yoga with Adriene. Honestly it gets me moving when I don’t feel like it and reconnects me. I’m starting this challenge at 72.4 kg which I’m so proud of. I would like to get to 70 kg by the end of August but I would also be happy getting to 71 kg.

It’s very very close to my pre-pandemic weight, which was already overweight, but this feels like a big achievement to say goodbye to it. I know we still have the pandemic and others will follow, but I’m talking about the not being able to leave my own house for 7 weeks part when we were in home confinement with a sick dog.

At the moment I am very hormonal and grumpy with my period, so I’m allowing myself some grace and have just eaten a KitKat in bed. Part of my weight-loss journey is allowing myself to enjoy treats sensibly and in moderation, as a very restrictive diet would make me miserable. This is what works for me so I’m sticking with it.

Day 2

I confronted the terrifying Guru Andma in Ring Fit Adventure and levelled up to 44! It felt good but I think I need to find an alternative move to Ab Guard. It’s not feeling right for me. I failed this time but I will be going back for more soon. I also hit 400 reps of Overhead Hip Shake which is one of my faves.

Day 3

Today I officially hit a weight loss milestone! 👏🏼 I have lost 5.1 kilos of pandemic weight gain so I’m back down to 72.1 kilos. This is the weight I was when I saw the Dr just before lockdown and he told me to lose weight. So it’s not like starting again but it feels like I’m a third of the way there as I have about 10 kilos more to lose. Knowing I can lose 5 has given me confidence that I can do it two more times. 😄

Despite my good start to the day, I ended up with migraine, period problems and a kidney spasm later on. I find this is a winning combo to send myself to bed with medicine and water.

Day 4

Today was back to my old favourite The 7 Minute Yoga Boost by Yoga with Adriene. It was nice to check in and once I meditated a little I could identify niggles and pains that need to be attended to. With it still being hot we only did a short Pokémon Go walk. At bedtime I was overthinking and needed to wind down so I was very happy to find that Adriene also has a 7 Minute Bedtime Yoga.

I think I’ll be incorporating this into my bedtime routine from now on. My mistake was going back to using my iPad afterwards. Next time I will shut my iPad off after I watch the practice and it’s night night or a few pages of a physical book. Once I get back online I’m coming up with all kinds of ideas and writing full articles in my head. 😆

Day 5

I woke up early and hopped on my indoor bike to watch some Pokémon Indigo League that I haven’t watched in ages. I’m still on my first watch through and enjoyed Episode 30: Dig Those Diglett. It was fun to see Ekans and Koffing evolve, the next episode will be interesting for sure. My rule is that I can only watch this from the bike, not the sofa or bed. I worked up a good sweat during the 26 minutes and it was a really good way to start my day.

Thanks for reading,
Vikki 💖