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August Fitness Gaming Challenge 2021

In August 2021 the Fitness Game Club did the 15 day Ring Fit Adventure Challenge. It was a good boost in my personal journey to Fit by 40 now Fit at 40.

Weight-loss results for this challenge

August 1st start weight: 77.1 kg / 169.7 pounds
August 30th end weight: 77.2 kg / 170.1 pounds
Total weight loss after 30 days: gained 0.1 kilo

Day 5

I skipped the challenge today because we were looking after our family dogs, Chester and Cooper and they wore me out haha.

Day 6

One of my favourite excuses for not working out is that my mat needs cleaning or the floor needs mopping. So I cleaned them both and now I have no excuses, right? 

Ring Fit Adventure Sportan Highway

More like highway to hell! 😅 The levels are definitely getting more challenging in Adventure Mode, more monsters, and even a sneaky red yoga mat monster who heals others. It was a good job I made some spinach smoothies before this level!

a workout date with myself on Ring Fit Adventure
time to work out

I was brave and added plank to my list of Fit Skills, it took me a while to figure out what to do as you obviously can’t look at the screen as you do them haha. I think I’ll feel it tomorrow because I think this is the first time EVER doing planks in my life.

doing planks for the first time

Despite me trying to get in shape since about May, today was a big turning point for me. I don’t know whether it was something to do with the full moon or a combination of that and motivation from Gem and Mel, who are also taking part in the challenge. Either way I’m grateful and I feel like this was a proper workout.

I’ll be adding some more fitness games into the mix after this challenge, Just Dance and so on. I’m considering making some more Fitness Gaming YouTube videos with me in them, what would you think about that? Documenting the journey so to speak?

Day 27

Evenings are usually my time to workout but I knew that I had to battle Dragaux today so I got an early start on it. I was SWEATING so bad once I was done but it was a great workout. Guess who forgot to change out Planks for a different skill though? This girl. I couldn’t even do them today, my arms are feeling WORKED and they are looking a lot more toned. Bingo wings be gone!

Dragaux Stadium Ring Fit Adventure

Ugh the monsters were yellow too and it took a LOT of smoothies to get through this in one go.  I thought it was a good idea to take the big beast down first but then the stupid flying mats kept giving energy to Dragaux. I got there in the end and I reached Level 26, and unlocked a new Fit Skill the Fan Pose, which I will try tomorrow as I have already set it in place of Planks.  I won’t be making that mistake again.

Ring Fit Adventure Level 26
Ring Fit Adventure Level 26

Day 28

After a day with the pups I was feeling energized enough to tackle Exertion River on Ring Fit Adventure where I also reached level 27! It was a great workout but really ab intensive and I racked up 217 Abdominal Press and Twists just in this workout session.

Ring Fit Adventure Exertion River Stats
Ring Fit Adventure Exertion River Stats

Day 29

No Ring Fit Adventure for me today but I still worked out. This is what I’m looking forward to in next month’s challenge, the choice to mix it up a bit as the Ring Fit Adventure Club transitions to Fitness Game Club. I think I’m still going to be playing RFA for the majority because I’m pleased with the results I’ve had so far and the game is really fun.

In the end I went on a Pokémon power walk and then did Yoga with Adriene’s 12 Minute Bedtime Yoga. It was a really nice way to wind down.

Yoga With Adriene Bedtime Yoga and a Power Walk
Power walk and then Yoga with Adriene