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At the Dentist Again

I was back at the dentist AGAIN yesterday, this time it was to pick up my mouthguard to stop me from grinding my teeth in my sleep. It had to be adjusted a few times and at one point I couldn’t remove it from my mouth, I panicked a little like when you get a ring stuck on your finger. LOL.

Dentist Time During a Pandemic
at the dentist in times of COVID

We got there on the end, the dentist gave me advice on wearing and cleaning it and last night I wore it the whole time I was asleep even while I was doing my late night Duolingo practice. Props to Duolingo because the nightguard completely slurs my speech and it could still understand me which I think is very important and inclusive for any language learners with speech problems or issues that may otherwise discourage them.

This morning I woke up well rested and surprised, there’s less pressure on my jaw and I’m not clenching my teeth, so hopefully this will stop my headaches and also my resting bitch face hahah. I’ll keep you posted on that one though. 

On This Day 2019

  • I’m very excited and nervous for the Nintendo Direct tomorrow afternoon!!! I’m sure they would have said by now if Animal Crossing was delayed.
  • 24 hours until the Animal Crossing Direct *ahem* I mean Nintendo Direct. 
  • Last night I dreamt that I was at E3 2019.
  • Animal Crossing game predictions:
    • Animal Crossing Space City
    • Animal Crossing Theme Park
    • Animal Crossing Island Life

On This Day 2018

  • Random Thoughts
    • 08:00am on Sunday morning and there’s a bird outside that sounds like the buttons on our cooker top. Had to go and check cooker wasn’t malfunctioning but it’s just this really squeaky bird. 
    • So it looks like flamethrowers are the new slime in the YouTube world.
    • Need to check my PO Box. Waiting on a few things to review for my blog.
    • No packages yet but I did get a postcard from my auntie. Still waiting on the latest copy of Blogosphere Magazine and some items for review on my blog.
    • Imagine edible enamel pins, a new trend. LOL
    • I downloaded the Serial Reader App for free. All the Sherlock books are on there plus a good selection of mysteries.
    • I’ve had adults kick my chair in the cinema while putting their feet up by my head. Not cool. I called someone out on an early flight for doing it once, I was nodding in and out of sleep and the guy behind me was messing with his tray table the whole time. Then I heard the woman next to him say she’s not even asleep. I was fuming!
    • Just watched episode 1 of Star Wars Rebels – loved it!
    • I am ready for Fortnite on Nintendo Switch. 
  • The Diary of a Social Media Manager
    • I had some real estate account in LA follow me on Instagram, although it’s not spam it’s not relevant to my niche and doesn’t help them either in terms of reach/engagement, so I blocked them.
    • Whipped up some new YouTube channel art using Canva.
    • One percent battery. 

On This Day 2017

  • Gaming
    • E3 2017: Isn’t tonight’s EA Star Wars presentation at 8:30pm?
    • I’m so focused on EA I haven’t even thought about the rest. Although I am mega excited for Nintendo on Tuesday!!
    • I have the Switch with The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild but the thought of starting a little Animal Crossing town, I’d be playing 24/7.
    • Ain’t no party like an E3 2017 viewing party!
    • Josef Fares’ presentation was awesome. You could tell how excited he is for A Way Out.

On This Day 2016

  • I’d like to see Marie Kondo fold a fitted bed sheet.
  • Gaming
    • I only just got my PS4 for Christmas and they announced the Neo upgrade. It’s becoming like Apple LOL, can’t keep up.
  • Listening
    • Ride by Twenty One Pilots is a great track! Oh oh ohoh oooo.

On This Day 2015

Visited the Bronte museum today, wandered off from my family and found myself on a guided tour in Japanese.  Konichiwa! 

On This Day 2014

  • Been waiting a whole month now since I ordered my KnockaroundEU sunglasses, keep being told they will be here ‘soon’  They are selling glasses that aren’t even in stock! I thought I might have to wait a while but this is ridiculous. In the meantime I’ve had to buy sunglasses from elsewhere.
  • New blog posts on the way, haven’t felt like it since I banged my head on Saturday.
  • 37 years ago today, the Apple II went on sale!
  • Gaming
    • E3 2014: Very excited about amiibo! I always wondered what that space was for on the Wii U pad. 
    • I have a Rapunzel Disney Infinity figure, I might hold off collecting more until amiibo figures hit the shops.
  • Oh wow! Super Mario Maker looks amazing!

On This Day 2008

I’m checking my MySpace.

Thanks for reading,
Vikki 😎