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AriZona Green Tea Review

On my quest to try out as many green iced teas as possible, I was so happy to find AriZona Green Tea in my local supermarket. Can we agree that the packaging is amazing? The beautiful mint/teal with oriental pink flowered tree is my favourite design. If you love green tea, stay tuned and see below for my review!

Arizona Green Tea

AriZona Green Tea Original with Honey

There’s a definite ‘tea’ taste but not too keen on the honey element. I’m not really a fan of honey in general, so thumbs up for the cool bottle design but the flavour is not for me.

This would probably taste nicer hot though, it does say on the bottle ‘Great hot!’.

AriZona Green Tea with Pomegranate

Ok this is my favourite so far! The pomegranate gives a lovely refreshing berry taste, whilst still being a tasty tea. I wouldn’t like to taste this hot, any berry teas have to be cold for me.

This is the perfect companion to a picnic on a Summer’s day. I’m still loving the bottle design, more so on the neck of this bottle.

AriZona Iced Black Tea with Lemon

Arizona Iced Tea

My BF bought this AriZona iced black tea with lemon for me after I tried the Green Tea. I’m loving the 80/90’s vibe of the packaging and the flavour! I’m a big fan of the classic iced tea with lemon, usually I drink the Nestea brand but this one is a contender for the NÂș1 spot. There is just the right amount of lemon flavour and it’s really refreshing.

After a little bit of digging around, it seems I’m not the only one in love with the packaging on these bottles. AriZona even have a shop where you can buy tea inspired clothing, like this Green Tea backpack and sweater.

Arizona Green Tea Sweater
Arizona Green Tea Backpack

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What is your favourite tea flavour?