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Animal Crossing New Leaf Update #1

I’ve just blown the dust off my Nintendo 3DS XL (Limited Edition Luigi – incase you were wondering) and checked in on my Animal Crossing New Leaf town of Peken. To say it had a few weeds here and there is an understatement. Leif kindly helped me with the weeding (insert sarcasm here) which took me around 11 minutes.

Things were looking better already and after being in a bit of a Pokémon trance, ACNL was a refreshing change of pace. I originally started playing New Leaf in November, the same week my BF bought my DS for me as a birthday gift. My last DS was the very first one in baby pink, so I was VERY excited to jump a few releases and I’m in love with the green Luigi silhouette design! Note to self: buy a DS XL case.


Animal Crossing New Leaf

It all started on November 12th 2013 when I became the Mayor of Peken. The villagers were kind enough to plant a tree in the plaza to honour my arrival.
Animal Crossing New Leaf screenshot

ACNL Caroline’s Birthday

Today there was a notice up to say Happy Birthday to Caroline, so I rushed to the post office to send her a note and a present. The fresh carp fish I’d caught 5 minutes earlier seemed fitting 😉 After that I headed to her house, which I needed the map for because I can’t remember where anyone lives anymore.

Animal Crossing New Leaf screenshot

Her and Hamphrey were getting down to some phat beats when I arrived and looked ecstatic to see me, even though Hamph is known for being a bit of a crank. I wished Caroline a Happy Birthday and she asked what gift I had brought.

The post office let me down, they said they would get right on it. Oh well, suffice to say Caroline received a juicy grasshopper as a second birthday gift. She seemed grateful, even though I had a wallet full of nuggets and gems that I’d scored on a lucky rock.

Animal Crossing New Leaf screenshot

ACNL Shampoodle Visit

After paying my 3rd or was it 4th loan on my house, I headed to Shampoodle for some much needed highlights. I’d been wearing my yellow Pikmin hat for far too long and was in total denial about the shaggy mess underneath.

Here I am looking super cool with my new blonde bunches, aviator sunglasses and pretty Rose dress from Able Sisters clothes shop.

Animal Crossing New Leaf screenshot

ACNL Mosquito Bite!

I almost forgot about the mosquito bite last night! Well here’s the funny thing, I have this Spanish phrase a day calendar (in real life) on my desk. Monday 14th July’s phrase is ‘Tengo un picor en la espalda’ which means I’ve got an itchy back.

So anyway, I was fishing in the pond by Bubble’s house, caught my first frog and was so happy I had to text my BF about it. I heard this weird noise and then I realised my little me had been bitten by a mosquito! That’s what I get for hanging around froggy ponds late at night! Then, I woke up (real life) this morning, to see I’ve been BITTEN IN REAL LIFE by a mosquito! What are the chances of that? 🙂

Animal Crossing New Leaf screenshot

Do you play Animal Crossing New Leaf? What is your village called?