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Animal Crossing New Horizons

Wondering how to catch sharks in Animal Crossing New Horizons? What to do when there’s a flea outbreak or you need inspiring island ideas? You’ve come to the right place. I’ve now racked up thousands of hours on my own island, so I’d like to share some New Horizons tips, fun tricks and resources that I’ve found along the way.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Zipper Bunny Day
Why is Zipper so creepy? 👀

How to get Zipper on my Island?

So I’m guessing some people actually like this weird rabbit and want to get Zipper on their island? Well good news because he like to visit during the Bunny Day Easter event every year.

He will probably be hiding behind a building or sneaking by the beach. He reminds me of those budget Disney characters that you find in busy cities. LOL

Chat to him and he will tell you all about the Easter items, (hopefully the 2022 Bunny Day items will be a little different to the last 2 years or we will have all the same stuff again)

How To Catch Jaws in ACNH

Here’s a cute video showing you how to catch a Great White Shark in New Horizons. I literally turned on my Switch, started up the game and caught this beastie Great White Shark right away on my south beach. There’s something special about catching ACNH sharks at golden hour.

Speaking of Sharks, Sharknado 5 was on this afternoon and it’s the cheesiest thing I’ve ever seen. 😆

Here’s a fun little video edit. 🦈

We’re gunna need a bigger boat!

What to do when your villagers get fleas?!

😂 MEGAN’S GOT FLEAS!!! So I was just casually walking down to south beach where Megan was watering the flowers in MY garden and I noticed she was itching! Pretty sure she’s infested the area.

Occasionally some ACNH animals will get a case of the itchies. Aside from running to buy some Bravecto, here’s what you need to do when your islanders get fleas:

The curse is lifted!

Learn how to make an Animal Crossing Journal

I wrote a separate post about this so you can check it out below:

This page is a work in progress so I recommend you bookmark it for future reference as I add more ACNH stuff.