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Animal Crossing Journal

Are you struggling to keep track of event items or crafts in Animal Crossing New Horizons? I’ve got you covered, all you need is a notebook and your favourite pens to make this Animal Crossing journal.

You can even decorated it with stickers or if you are into bullet journalling, get really fancy and make it into a gaming diary, adding notes as you play.

Animal Crossing Journal
Pastel highlighters and a pretty notebook for journalling

Here’s my Animal Crossing journal and how I use it to keep track of ACNH items. I’m using my fave pastel highlighters and a cute notebook I got years ago in Paperchase. I just colour the circle in when I’ve collected the item I need.

There are some really good apps out there if you want to keep track of your island but if you want to focus on a specific event like Bunny Day, creating a cute Animal Crossing checklist like this can help you really zone in on what you are looking for and need to craft.

I’m keeping it simple and jotting down items to keep track because Bunny Day has us all stressed and Zipper is watching hahaha. I’m making extra egg party dresses to sell because there are eggs all over my island at this point. 🙈

How do you keep track of your Animal Crossing island? Do you keep notes or use an app?

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