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Animal Crossing amiibo Collectors Album

Are you as obssessed with Animal Crossing as I am?

Those little personalities are hard not to love! Of course I HAD to get Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer the day it came out!

Nintendo must be run by Tom Nook as I just want to spend all of my monies on amiibo and cute AC stuff. My Fiancé bought me this (series 1) Animal Crossing amiibo collectors album as an early Birthday present! Yay!

Animal Crossing amiibo Collectors Album

It’s absolutely adorable! I was expecting the kind of sticker book I had as a kid, but I was pleasantly surprised that it’s actually a hard cover folder with 3×3 plastic pockets. As far as I understand, these albums, which hold all 100 cards from series 1, are Europe exclusives. You can find it on Amazon UK if you are lucky.

animal crossing amiibo album

It’s bright, it’s full of kawaii and I now have a home for my cards. (All 9 of them so far) Each pocket has a page behind with the silhouette of each card so you know where to put it. There are 7 empty pockets at on the back page, which I think comes in handy for any repeat cards you have and want to keep flat before you trade them. The album actually came with 1 free pack of amiibo cards, which I ripped open. Sable was my special card!

animal crossing cards

Here you can see my Animal Crossing amiibo collection so far. In Spain there are 3 cards to a pack at about 4€ each, one of them being a special card. (Special cards are cards 1-17 and have a glittery appearance with the letters SP in the top left corner)

animal crossing amiibo cards

Do you collect Animal Crossing amiibo cards? How many do you have?