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Tom Nook Amiibo Animal Crossing

Tom Nook amiibo

I’ll be there with Bells on! Ho ho! The Tom Nook amiibo is super photogenic, which is great because I haven’t stopped taking pics of him. He’s the perfect addition to any Animal Crossing amiibo collection. This is a rather serious look for him compared …

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New Animal Crossing amiibo cards

New Animal Crossing amiibo Cards + Anniversary

Three years ago today I discovered the world of Animal Crossing. New Leaf was my first experience with the series and today I am celebrating my 3rd anniversary as Mayor! I also have some new Animal Crossing amiibo cards to show you. This game just …

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Animal Crossing amiibo card collectors album

Animal Crossing amiibo Collectors Album

Are you as obssessed with Animal Crossing as I am? Those little personalities are hard not to love! Of course I HAD to get Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer the day it came out! Nintendo must be run by Tom Nook as I just want …

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