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Alpaca Wonders Why Review

Alpaca Wonders Why is a cute interactive adventure game from DillyFrame where we will learn EVERYTHING there is to know about alpacas!  There are 8 chapters, facts and a quiz to test our knowledge.  This game is aimed at children but let’s see how it ranks in terms of cozy gaming and relaxing.  Will we learn something new?  How long is the game?  What is the difficulty level like?

Alpaca Wonders Why Walkthrough AND REVIEW 👇

The game is set out in a story book illustration style with our main character Mia the alpaca who has SO many questions. She takes us along on her journey for knowledge about the history of alpacas, llamas and everything in between. After the story mode, we head to facts but pay attention as there’s a quiz at the end. Luckily I was able to retake the quiz, it took me 3 tries to get 10/10. Mainly because my PlayStation 5 camera was blocking the screen, but also partly because I wasn’t completely paying attention. 😅

Alpaca Wonders Why

Overall I had so much fun playing this game! I feel like I learned a lot from it and it was a total bonus earning a Platinum Trophy from it. The music was very relaxing and it definitely fits in the cozy gaming category. If you are looking for a cute PlayStation game that doesn’t take long to playthrough and is cheap then consider this. It’s also available on Nintendo Switch, Steam, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

✨ Disclosure: I received a free review copy of this game from Keymailer 🎮

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