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Alexa the Avocado

You’re probably sick of me talking about avocado by now, or maybe not? Well, this evening my Mother in Law brought round some ‘avocados of the day’ which are the ripest and butteriest ones I’ve had.

Throwing out some slices of bread onto a plate desperately, I knew that avocado and salted Lays crisps were going to be perfect. I selected the ripest avocado of the lot and used it all as my parents were dabbling in this delicacy too.

Once I saw the seed I was so happy! It already has a root, it was growing through the green. I grabbed the nearest vessel, named her Alexa the Avocado and stuck some old matchsticks in to keep her bobbing in the water.

Alexa the Avocado

Turns out Alec the Avocado was placed in water upside down oops! Let’s see if they can encourage each other to grow now.

TIP: Make sure the pointy bit is the part sticking out of the water, wash the avocado seed so there are no mold issues and hope for the best.

Have you ever tried to grow and avocado tree from scratch? What do you love to eat avocado with? I also love guacamole!