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Ale Hop agenda review

Ale Hop Agenda Review | School Planner 23-24

Back to school means stationery season, cute notebooks, pens and accesories but the most exciting thing is a new planner. Let’s take a look at the new Ale Hop school agenda for this year. I purchased the A5 size Tú Puedes Con Todo school planner in light pink with rose ...

Back to school means stationery season, cute notebooks, pens and accesories but the most exciting thing is a new planner. Let’s take a look at the new Ale Hop school agenda for this year. I purchased the A5 size Tú Puedes Con Todo school planner in light pink with rose gold rings. Ale Hop also bring new planners out in January but they tend to sell out very quickly as gifts over the holiday season.

Ale Hop agenda review
Ale Hop agenda sept 23 – sept 24

So if you are on holiday (or live) in Spain or Portugal around the two stationery seasons, make sure to pick one up. I hope you find my Ale Hop agenda review helpful should you be considering buying one. You can also flip through them in store. Here’s a cute flip through video I made for you:

cute planner season ftw 💖

The past few years I have switched from a January to December planner over to a student planner starting September ending the last day of August the year after. I study online and work from home, so this setup works so well for me in terms of goal setting and mindset. So if like me you feel more inclined to start fresh in September definitely look into a scholar year planner.

Ale-Hop agenda A5 Month View
calendar month view

What I love about Ale Hop planners is that they are like a bestie cheering you on throughout the year. The cute motivational quotes, designs and monthly challenges are a nice touch plus plenty of room for monthly goal setting which is something I really like. The planners are also multi-lingual so everything is written in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The front cover is an adorable light pink with the phrase Tu Puedes con Todo, Spanish for “You can with Everything” let’s make this an unstoppable year. There are some other cute motivating phrases along with cute illustrations in pink and gold.

Ale-Hop planner inside
Ale-Hop planner inside

On the back of the cover page is a place to write your name and contact details should you ever lose it. There’s also a space to write your social media handles, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Note: I found this very interesting as there is a blue bird Twitter logo and Twitter no longer exists. Will planner companies have to reprint all of the Twitter logo and change it to an X for future prints?

Ale-Hop planner calendar view
Ale-Hop planner calendar view

The tabbed separator pages displaying the months are in Spanish when you view the agenda one way and English when you flip it over. On the back of each monthly tab is a study tracker page which you can fill in daily with the topic and how many hours studied.

The public holidays are Spanish so you will need to add your own in depending on which country or area you live in. The planner I chose is a page a day with Saturday and Sunday split across the same page. This full page layout works so well for me as I jot down tasks to do that day for WFH, any appointments, events and a few diary entry lines below. There’s also a small calendar on the bottom of the left page as you go and a mood tracker on each day, both of which I don’t really use but are handy.

cute ale-hop stickers included in planners
cute ale-hop stickers

Ale Hop agendas come in all different designs including the regular non ring design. These are lighter and not as bulky to pack in a school bag for example. My planner stays on my desk so I like to have the ring design so it stays open and I can see my daily tasks at a glance. This lay flat style planner with rings stays in shape as the spine doesn’t get cracked over time.

At the back of the agenda there are 3 very cute and kawaii sticker sheets which are really nice quality. These are followed by two plastic sleeves, handy for popping in notes or reminders and on the inside of the back page we have a timetable. You could even use this for work or study as it includes the weekend.

Ale Hop planner lay flat
Ale Hop planner lay flat

The back cover has the same cute design as the front with the phrase Persigue tus Sueños, Spanish for “Follow Your Dreams”. This is something that will go through the whole year with me into Summer 2024 so I know from previous purchases that the quality and durability will last and has all the space I need to write in.

Ale Hop agenda school planner summary:

  • 368 pages
  • A5 size
  • page a day view (Saturday and Sunday on one page)
  • ring style planner
  • costs 19€
  • school year 2023 – 2024
  • great for goal setting
  • 3 sticker sheets
  • study tracker
  • mood tracker
  • timetable
  • cute design

Cute right!? Do you start your planner in September or January?

Thanks for reading,
Vikki 🍦

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