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Adios August | Daily Geek 244

I feel like I’ve been saying adios August and goodbye summer for the past week and yes I probably have. Mentally and physically I am ready for a fresh start to the month, hbu? A good way to get ready for a fresh month is to clean your workspace or start that big Autumn clean you’ve been putting off. It might be a little longer until the official start of Fall but why not get a head start?

Grand Theft Auto Photography | Del perro Beach
Del perro Beach Grand Theft Auto 5

On This Day 2023

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, August 2023 me has been dealing with some kidney issues and crappy health in general. I can’t really do much until I’ve had tests done and I was sick of moping around on the sofa. For my own sanity and to give me a focus, I cleared off my workspace and disinfected it all, rearranged it and made it look inviting. Having my blog, youtube and video games as distractions and something in my control is exactly what I need.

On This Day 2020

  • Took my Dyson DC45 to bits to give it a good clean. 🧼
  • Now listening to Donkey Kong lofi 😊

On This Day 2018

  • Replying to Instagram DMs is so much easier using a bluetooth keyboard with the iPad! 😅
  • It’s PSL season witches!!
  • Halloween vibes from the get go in Flipping Death!
  • Catching fish and hoarding in Castaway Paradise. 🤣
  • Late night gaming sesh is over for now. Goodnight all.

On This Day 2015

  • Up on my roof garden saying goodbye to August, ready to accept the new month in. Saws some amazing clouds that are the very tail end of Hurricane Fred that is currently south of us in Cabo Verde. Its trajectory is west into the Atlantic.

On This Day 2017

  • My monthly Geek Life post is more like the last 3 months. Hope you are looking forward to a big post 🙈
  • Well, Primark smelled of farts and had a couple sorry pairs of Harry Potter pijamas. Nothing else!!! I did find a cute Pusheen top though.

On This Day 2016

  • On page 18 of 369 of The Martian by Andy Weir
  • Couldn’t sleep so I was blogging in my head at 4am
  • I hiked the Vernal Falls Trail on a Fitbit Adventure
  • Really enjoying my siesta. Don’t want to get up but I have a thousand things to do.
  • Caught a Machoke in my house playing Pokémon GO.
  • *Tomorrow is September* me: 🎃🎃🎃
  • Wrote a blog post about what I’ve been doing all Summer. Was going to split it into parts, but decided on one big post.

On This Day 2015

  • Last day of August, let’s make it a good one!
  • 11% done with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling
  • Yay I got new flip flops, I know it’s September tomorrow but it’s still warm here!
  • Amazing clouds this evening! Caused by the very very tail end of Hurricane Fred
  • Kanye for President 😁

On This Day 2013

  • My hair got really long, think I need a trim.
  • The official trailer for GTA5 is out!

On This Day 2012

  • You know the saying ‘Once in a Blue Moon’…. that Blue Moon is tonight!
  • High Hopes by Pink Floyd just came on the radio, could have sworn it was a Toby Turner literal! Hahaha!
  • Listening to some old school Diddy

On This Day 2011

  • Really happy the new Blogger.com dashboard has finally rolled out, much more efficient and easier to keep up with my fave blogs too!

On This Day 2008

  • Having a lovely day, enjoyed some delicious Canarian food with my future in-laws.

Thanks for reading,
Vikki ✨