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Adidas Rita Ora Yorkshire Terrier T-Shirt

Have you seen the Adidas Rita Ora collections? They are possibly my favourite thing since the Missy Elliot Adidas collaboration! There are some really cool pieces inspired by Japanese geishas (there is an actual kimono) there’s a comic book and dogs collection too.

Adidas Rita Ora Yorkshire Terrier T-Shirt

This t-shirt reminds me of my dog Rambo on bath day! I sized down on this tee as it’s oversize and I absolutely love it! The print has aged well, I’ve had it for a couple years now and it’s been washed on 40ºC degrees each time.

Adidas Rita Ora Yorkshire Terrier TShirt
Crazy Dog Lady

The ‘drowned rat’ Yorkshire Terrier print is adorable and I’ve had several people asking me about it. There is an Adidas logo on the left breast of the tee, it’s as if the dog is looking up at it.

Here’s a pic of me holding Rambo in front of it, it looks like that’s his hair! ????

Senior Silky Terrier

It’s so unique I’ve never seen anything like it and so happy I picked it up when I did. You can still find some of these pieces on eBay and Amazon. The stock was pretty limited where I live so you might be lucky.

Adidas Rita Ora Wide Leg Firebird Pants
Adidas X Rita Ora Wide Leg Firebirds

I’m loving the wide leg Firebird pants and the complete dog collection to be honest. I managed to find the Yorkshire Terrier t-shirt which I picked up in a local sports shop.

Unfortunately I was unable to find the wide leg Firebirds, but I did see some leggings in the same style. You might still be able to pick up some of the collection on eBay including the bulldog Adidas shoes and the comic book style pieces.

Do you have any geek sportswear?