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ACNH Hammerhead Shark

I hit the nail on the head!

I was taking a break from some night diving last night, in a full storm btw, when I saw a big fish. I swam back to the South-West beach and quickly cast my fishing rod to the large fish shaped blob. As the large fish began to nibble at the bait, a fin appeared and I knew I was going to catch something interesting.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Hammerhead Shark
Catching my first Hammerhead Shark

The heavy rain only made me more determined.

After a bit of a struggle, out popped MC Hammer the Hammerhead Shark! He will make a great friend for my Great White Shark.

I took him directly to Blathers, the next one I catch, I’ll sell for 8,000 bells.

How is your shark fishing coming along?

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