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ACNH Day One

I’m going on an adventure!

It’s always a good time to escape into the world of Animal Crossing New Horizons. So, I thought I’d share my ACNH Day one adventures with you which actually began late at night on 19th March 2020.

Animal Crossing New Horizons T-shirt | ACNH Day One
The start of an adventure, lockdown lewks. My awesome Animal Crossing tee and Day One of ACNH!

I made all my pre-orders for the Animal Crossing Switch console, game and carry case at the local GAME shop but because of the lockdown in Spain everything was shut from the 15th, I couldn’t leave the house and GAME couldn’t deliver to the Canaries.

I DID manage to get my Animal Crossing t-shirt just in time so of course I wore it on day one in my ‘Lockdown Lewk’! 😅

I had to get the digital copy of ACNH, which I wasn’t hyped about. At the time I was so naive to think that the lockdown would last 2 weeks. Luckily my Fiancé convinced me otherwise or I’d probably still be waiting hah.

With a sudden furlough and vet bills for Rambo (who was battling kidney failure at the time), it was a relief not to be spending so much money on the console and accessories.

As soon as the shops reopened we invested in the purple and orange joycon combo, so it sort of felt like I had a new console, plus I had already purchased the cutest pink paw thumb grips, which remind me of Rambo.

Without further ado, here’s a little bit about my island:

Animal Crossing Day One New Horizons
Welcome to Clipper Island!

Island name:
Clipper Island. Named after my favourite fizzy drink made here in the Canary Islands.

Island Fruit:
I’m a peach farmer. What’s your island fruit?

First fish caught:
I caught my first fish down on the south beach. A horse mackerel.

Animal Crossing is so calming, just what everyone needs in these ‘unprecedented times’. It also so fun to take thousands of screenshots. I may have a problem haha. Speaking of problems, Marie Kondo would be stunned at the mess on my island. I may do an island tour soon, either on Youtube or in blog form, so stay tuned for that.

You can check out the ACNH Screenshot Gallery here, complete with snarky comments and tips on where to find certain items.

What’s your Animal Crossing island called?