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Geek Life Lately 13

Hello and welcome back to Geek life Lately! I’m rounding up all of my fave geeky things from the week, including gaming, tech, fashion and beauty.

Achievements Unlocked!

+ Made my first Vlog on Youtube!
+ Still learning to drive in GTA V. This may take some time!
+ Finally finished reading Eleanor & Park! What a book. The last part was such a whirlwind.


I think I have plenty of games to be getting on with for now, but I do have my eye on LittleBigPlanet 3 for some platform fun with my Fiancé.

My local GAME have an amiibo sale at the moment, but I’m resisting. Tom Nook is on my wishlist though, he’s so cute and looks a little buzzed haha.

Speaking of Animal Crossing, I’ve seen photos of series 3 amiibo cards on Twitter! I’m not ready, I’m still on series 1!!

Grand Theft Auto Online Mugshot

How awesome is Grand Theft Auto online please? Ok, I know I’m a bit late to the party, but whatever. Character creation at its best or what? I love how you can pick the parents and heritage of your character. Of course I had to make my first character look like me. I was just ecstatic when the clothes options popped up and I was shouting at the screen, ‘OMG I would actually wear that’ ‘I have that purple hoodie’. This has sparked an idea too. Shh. Secrets. 😉


Here it is, my TBR pile of books! I’m currently reading Landline by Rainbow Rowell. Please help me choose what to read next, let me know in the comments.

Shelfie Books To Be Read Pile


+ Still need to learn how to flat lay!
+ Keep on with the early blog drafts, it helps
+ Find more fellow nerds to follow on social media and discover new blogs

What are you reading or playing at the moment?