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90s Throwback | Geek Blog 172

Clothes shopping lately is such a 90s throwback experience. Going into Bershka, Lefties and Pull and Bear is basically an instant trip back in time! I love seeing the flared jeans, joggers, combats and fun print tees, basically my aesthetic forever. I hope these trends stick around for a while.

Pull and Bear Hawaii tee Lefties lilac crocs
cute pink Hawaii tee from Pull and Bear and some lilac fake Crocs from Lefties.

I was reminded of this pic of me as a moody teen in Scarbados (Scarborough, UK) during a typical 90s Summer, 1996 I think! Wow that makes me sound so old haha.

90s throwback fashion
aesthetic forever

In the pic I’m wearing lime green ribbed trousers, (I had them in bright orange too) and a Little Miss Trouble cropped tee, both of which wouldn’t look out of place today. I’m also wearing a belly chain as a belt, SO fashionable at the time.

I love how 90s fashion has made a comeback and I’ll definitely be making the most of it.

What’s your fave fashion era? I also love 50s style and early 2000s.

On This Day 2020

I deactivated my private Instagram over a week ago and not one of my family or IRL friends noticed. 😂

  • Watching
    • Terminator. I’ve seen Terminator 2 loads but I can barely remember this first one.

On This Day 2019

Etsy is cute but there’s no way I’m paying 42€ shipping for something. It’s odd how the shipping is calculated. I’ve started filtering stores in my country before I even look for anything, then I know the shipping might be free or a couple of euros. Otherwise I’ll just be disappointed if I see something I like.

On This Day 2010

Just done a bit more deleting, it feels better already. (for context I had thousands of Facebook friends and trimmed it right down)

On This Day 2009

There are 28 people with Swine Flu in Canaries (1194 total in Spain) now and 2 seriously ill in hospital. This pandemic needs to do one.

On This Day 2008

Have you seen the new supersize Red Bull cans?! I’m amazed. Can’t wait to try one.

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