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5 Awesome Space Geek T-Shirts

Uh-oh, I’ve been shopping.

The uh-oh is because I was only supposed to be buying 1 t-shirt, but I ended up buying 5!
Only now am I realising that there is a theme, they are all space geek t-shirts!!

5 Awesome Space Geek T-Shirts

I Want to Believe UFO T-shirt
First up I was browsing the geeky t-shirts of PullandBear when I spotted this lovely jersey feel, ringer tee. It has a scout style badge on the chest saying ‘I want to believe’ and a little UFO.
It’s just so cute I HAD to have it! Remember Mulder had this slogan on a poster in his office? This just heightens my excitement for the new season of The X-Files!

I Want to Believe UFO T-ShirtI Want to Believe UFO T-Shirt

NASA Nerd T-Shirt
So I googled ‘ladies Nasa T-shirt’ and this came up. I’m thinking it will be really cute with blue jeans. I’ve bought from 8Ball in the past so I thought why not? The following 4 t-shirts are all from there.
Ladies NASA T-Shirt Nerd

Space Invaders Knitted Style T-Shirt
I’ve been a fan of Space Invaders since I was little, so this was a no brainer. This fair isle style Christmas Space Invaders tee was available in a few colours but I really liked it in purple. I think it’s going to be my go-to Christmas t-shirt this year.
Purple Space Invaders Knitted Style T-Shirt

Galaxy T-shirt
Can we get a hell yeah for this galaxy print t-shirt? It’s just so pretty!
Galaxy T-Shirt

Science T-shirt
Ah science! This reminded me of something Leonard Hofstadter from The Big Bang Theory would wear. I chose pink because I had other colours covered and because pink.
Pink Science T-Shirt

If you buy 3 original 8Ball t-shirts you get 1 free, so as you can see I took advantage of this offer (or rather it took advantage of me) haha. They also come in mens sizes too if you prefer, there are also tanks or vests!

p.s 8Ball deliver Worldwide 🙂

Which of these space geek t-shirts do you prefer?