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3rd Vaccine | Geek Life Lately 29

Let’s set the scene. It’s 07:00am on Thursday morning, I’m listening to an 80’s playlist on Spotify and I’m freezing. This Geek Life Lately post is a few days late because a lot has been going on since my last Hello 2022 post. I won’t go into details out of respect but yep, it’s been a sad and difficult week.

The first full week of 2022 did have some interesting highlights, so I’ll share those.

Building Furniture with my Dad

Our garden furniture from Leroy Merlin arrived on Monday, it was our 3 Kings present to ourselves and my parents bought us a matching sunbed. Me and Dad put together the sofa, it was like giant LEGO! It was exhausting just to bring everything upstairs with it being curbside drop off only, thankfully our neighbour helped us. Later we went for coffee and me and E did our 3 Kings shopping at the mall.

3rd Vaccine Unlocked

My 3rd vaccine happened spontaneously on Tuesday morning. I was on a morning walk with my parents and we happened to go past a pop up vaccination center. There were only a handful of people there so I went in to see if I could make an appointment as my age group wasn’t open yet. My second shot of Pfizer was on 14th July so I was told on the phone last week that I would have to wait. At the desk they said yeah we can do it now. So I got it.

3rd Vaccine
I got my 3rd shot of Pfizer

The side effects from this one were weird. I had pain in my arm where the needle went it but as the day went on the pain went into my armpit, which then swelled up and go go gadget lymph nodes.

Long story short, I was in agony with my armpit for a few days and had to sleep with a balled up pair of socks in my armpit to ease the pressure. I was also very sleepy and had a bit of a fever the day after. I’m glad I got it done when I did, as the infections have gone through the roof in the past week and some family members have been home isolating.

3 Kings Day

6th January is 3 Kings Day in Spain so while we exchange presents with my parents on 25th December, we wait until 6th Jan to do them with E’s side of the family. We opened our gifts on the roof garden seeing as the sofa and chairs were our gift to ourselves and of course the sunbed from my parents.

We received some sweet gifts, including a giant 3 wick candle which I love lighting at night to get all cozy. My mother-in-law got us some FFP2 masks which was very thoughtful of her. I’ll do a separate post showing our gifts and more detail on how we celebrated. 🌸

Coffee, Cake and Pups

It was the last week of my parent’s visit, so we went for plenty of coffee and cake and had a lovely day with Chester and Cooper at the weekend. We ordered Chinese food and chilled out. I also checked my parents into their flight which was a fun 2 hours of passenger locator forms and organising tests. We got there in the end. 😆


Bitmoji waving from laptop

It’s time for a currently, what I’ve been watching, reading, listening to and playing this week.

    • I started strong with Ring Fit Adventure the first couple days of the year but then got knocked off course after my vaccine. I listened to my body, took some rest days and kept moving with some short walks. I’ve actually lost some weight over Christmas which is from getting out more and walking with my parents while playing Pokémon GO. We’ve still been enjoying treats and eating yummy Christmas food, so I was quite pleased with that.
    • Dexter New Blood: I’m guessing Kurt Caldwell is a fan of Return to Oz 😅
      • We’ve really been enjoying the new episodes so I introduced my parents to the original Dexter series. My Dad just referred to the Ice Truck Killer as the Man with the Refrigerated Van. 😂
    • Mixed-ish (Disney+) I was so happy to see this had been added to the Disney plus library. I really enjoyed watching Black-ish over the last few years. Mixed-ish goes into Rainbow’s story, growing up biracial in the 80s, life on a commune and having a Black mum and White dad. The soundtrack is brilliant too. That first few notes of Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears for Fears in episode 1 was amazing.
    • LEGO DC Super-Villains (PS4) This was one of the free Playstation+ games for December and I’d been looking forward to playing it. I spent a good hour playing this on Saturday with my Mum. It’s so vibrant and I’m honestly surprised that it was free. I probably won’t be reviewing this, just playing at my own pace and have some fun trophy hunting.
    • Bugsnax (PS4) I remembered that there will be a Bugsnax update early this year and got hyped. I platinumed this back in 2020 and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    • The Great Argentine Heist (Duolingo Spanish podcast) El Gran Robo Argentino has been my favourite story so far and I only have one episode left! I don’t want it to end.
    • Los Últimos días de Maradona (Spotify podcast) After learning that ADonde Media produced the Duolingo podcast I discovered that they also worked on a podcast about Diego Maradona. I’m not really a football fan but this podcast tells the story of his last days. I’m currently halfway through Episodio 1: La Noticia. I had to stop listening as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, as it’s quite descriptive and emotions were already high.
    • Ibiza Classics Pete Tong Takeover (Spotify) – this is a much needed motivational playlist and my go to for a pick up.

Goals for Next Week

I made some small achievable goals for next week:

  • dye my own hair
  • get back into my fitness gaming routine (on hiatus coz I feel like crap)
  • make my favourite soup
  • play video games all day
  • try to sort my mask acne out

How are you and what have you been doing this week?

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