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30 Day Fitness Gaming Challenge

Are you a fitness gamer? Maybe you have Ring Fit Adventure, a VR fitness game, or do you have a bunch of dance games and need a little motivation? You have come to the right place. 😀

Join us on the 30 Day Fitness Gaming Challenge!

30 Day Fitness Gaming Challenge
30 Day Fitness Gaming Challenge

This challenge can be started whenever you like, but best at the start of a month so you can mark it off on the calendar. You’ll find me blogging about my workouts too. 😅

After doing 14 Days of Ring Fit Adventure I thought it might be a good idea to include non-gaming workouts for those days when you just can’t power on or you might be aching and really need to do some yoga.


Let’s keep the rules as simple as possible:

  • Set your intention for the challenge, you don’t have to share it but write it down somewhere. What do you want to achieve? (I’m personally working towards my Fit By 40 goal)
  • Each day, play a fitness game of your choice or do a non-gaming workout.
  • Other workouts could include power walking, gym, running, swimming, yoga, hitting your step goal:
    • whatever it is you like to do, we will cheer you on! 🎉
  • After you complete your workout tweet your efforts like this:
    • Day 1/30 #FitnessGaming Challenge (tag @Cuteek on Twitter)
    • Tell us about your workout for that day
    • Add a screenshot or pic of your workout or fitness watch stats
    • Include the hashtag of whatever fitness game or workout you did:
      • eg: #JustDance2018 #Synthriders #PowerWalking #Gym #PokemonGo #IndoorWalk or our special tag for #RingFitAdventureClub
  • Save the hashtag #FitnessGaming on Twitter so you can keep updated on other participants efforts and cheer them on with fun GIFs and chats.
  • Stay hydrated and have fun!
  • The challenge will restart at the beginning of the each month.

That’s the rules, I hope I’ve explained them well. Any doubts just drop me a comment below or tweet me. Let’s do this!

*Disclaimer: Always check with your Dr before starting a new fitness program.

*Contains affiliate links because this girl needs coffee. Anytime you make a purchase through my affiliate links I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. 💖