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My 2023 Fitness Gaming Journal

Hello there and welcome to my 2023 fitness gaming journal! If you’ve been following my Fit at 40 or fitness gaming updates, you will know that I used to put one of these posts out monthly. This year I’ll be sharing here in one post to serve as motivation for you the reader and accountability for me.

My original goal was all about the weight loss but I soon realised that weight loss doesn’t always equal healthy. This year I want to focus on physical and mental strength, along with body confidence and of course happiness. This will be in the form of daily walks, home workouts, yoga with Adriene, indoor biking and fitness gaming. I’ve also started doing gaming live streams with a face cam on YouTube for fun.

playing Nintendo Switch Sports
Cuteek playing Nintendo Switch Sports

January 2023 – start weight: 71.7kg

My New Year started with COVID which lingered and turned into long COVID in the form of rib inflammation. Long story short, I went to hospital as it was difficult to breathe, I had all kinds of tests and was given a course of strong anti-inflammatories. This lingered right into the end of the month but eventually faded and I was able to go on longer walks. My parents were visiting at the time so that was good encouragement to get out and walk with them.

February 2023 – Start weight: 69.6kg

It’s been a while since I played any fitness games and I wanted to give myself good time to get better from COVID so I waited until now. Ring Fit Adventure is where it’s at. My goal is to play through the older levels and do some clean up on quests before advancing onto the next worlds.

Ring Fit Adventure Fitness Gaming Challenge

March 2023 – start weight: 69kg

Haha there’s always something! So this month I got bitten by a spider several times, ON MY HEAD of all places! I had been cleaning out some cupboards and I think I disturbed a simple house spider which then got stuck in my ponytail. 😩 The lymph nodes in the back of my head swelled up and I’ve been on very strong steroids for the past days. I’ll let you know when my superpowers kick in! πŸ•·πŸ€£

In more positive news and as I write this mid-March….

I’ve reached a weight loss milestone of 10 kilos! πŸ₯³ I can’t believe it!

10 kilos weight loss milestone

I definitely saw a bit of weight loss after getting COVID, but I also stopped drinking all fizzy drinks, even sparkling water and appletizer. After doing some research I also cut out artificial sweetener which I would have in my daily coffee. I switched over to natural brown cane sugar, which is sourced locally here. On top of that I’ve increased my water intake and reduced bread. I still enjoy chocolate, sweets and burgers but now in moderation and in a more balanced way. Feta cheese is also a big favourite of mine.

I think a combo of the above has somehow shifted my metabolism and now weight seems to just drop off. This is why I now want to focus on strength and toning, so I’ll be getting back into Ring Fit, Nintendo Switch Sports, Yoga and Up To The Beat YouTube videos.

April 2023 – Start Weight: 66.7.kg

A new month is here and I’ve been enjoying Yoga with Adriene, walking and taking siestas on those really hot days. The end of March we had an intense heatwave so you have to be smart with that kind of weather, hydrate, eat well and workout safely during the coolest time of the day. Since having two kidney surgeries I always try to make sure I drink plenty of water but when we get near 40ΒΊC degree temps I REALLY feel it, so I’m glad it’s cooling down during Easter week and there is some rain on the way.

This Legs Up The Wall yoga practice felt really nice for my swollen ankles! Another favourite to stretch out my shoulders is Adriene’s Yoga for Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back which I find helps with my clicky shoulder and it actually reduces inflammation.









Thanks for reading,
Vikki πŸ’–

Please always check with your Dr before taking part in any new fitness regimes and take care of yourself. ✨