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100 YouTube subscribers Milestone

100 YouTube Subscribers | Geek Blog 090

On this day in 2021 I reached 100 YouTube subscribers which is kind of mind blowing and an important milestone for the channel. Today we have 2,532 and I should probably give most of the credit to Cooper my Chihuahua for his viral video. πŸ˜… On this same day each ...

On this day in 2021 I reached 100 YouTube subscribers which is kind of mind blowing and an important milestone for the channel. Today we have 2,532 and I should probably give most of the credit to Cooper my Chihuahua for his viral video. πŸ˜… On this same day each March I’m going to check how many subs we have and appreciate the day we hit 100 like a little anniversary.

On This Day 2023

On This Day 2021

Today I joined the 100 subscribers on YouTube club. VIRTUAL HIGH-FIVE! Thank you so much!!!

100 YouTube subscribers Milestone
100 YouTube subscribers Milestone

Started filming a vlog this morning but I really don’t do much that would be interesting to share in a video. I have a few clips for a vlog, I’ll have to check what they look like compiled. LOL.

  • I’m still 1 hour behind on everything, clock changes are so confusing! I’ve jumped on the bike to try and at least get 15 mins in before breakfast…
  • 1pm and I’ve already been called a puppet. Remind me again why I’m a social media manager?

On This Day 2020

I’m watching Lord Of The Rings for the first time ever! I want to live in The Shire.

On This Day 2019

  • 10 more minutes adulting then it’s time for some more gaming.
  • Have a ton of work to do but I’m just going to play Yoshis Crafted World for 5 minutes πŸ‘€
  • Got my first Infinity Stone… I mean Dream Gem.

On This Day 2018

Happy Easter! 🐰 No chocolate so I’m eating a mandarin instead πŸ˜†

On This Day 2017

  • My weekend starts in a few hours. I’m sooooo tired, my body thinks it’s 8am with the clocks going forward. Right now I’m catching up on TV shows and binge watching Switched at Birth. It’s date night so I think we’ll have a nice meal and a movie, might squeeze some studying in somewhere too.
  • That feeling when you can see a volcano from your house 😍

On This Day 2016

  • 82% done with Falling For A Wolf, by Mac Flynn
  • Just ordered the latest issue of Blogosphere magazine.
  • On Wednesdays we wear pink
  • LEGO is launching its first-ever line of Disney minifigures. I need to win the lottery LOL.
  • Rain, thunder, clouds and windows open is my perfect work atmosphere.
  • I have enough fun running 3 instagram accounts, I can’t imagine 35!
  • When you’re hungry and you have to research restaurants for an article 😜
  • I’m so hungry I might have to run to the kitchen for a sammich. Also, can’t get used to the new time since the clocks changed
  • I feel like my blog embodies the geekiest side of me.
  • Yay! Miitomo is launching tomorrow!

On This Day 2015

  • So much spam on Instagram lately. I’ve had follows from free xbox live cards accounts or the get fit now squad. I just report them if they look spammy, most of them are likely to be bots.
  • Going to get my Zumba on soon. Today marks my 22nd day of my new fitness and healthy eating regime. Quite proud of myself for sticking to it.
  • It’s 8pm but feels like 5pm – can’t get used to this new extra hour of sunshine.
  • Slight injury from Zumba. Got too excited dancing and punched the table haha – no pain no gain?

On This Day 2014

  • The neighbour’s dog and baby are both crying/howling simultaneously.

On This Day 2013

  • Think I’ll have a mint aero chocolate bar for Easter as we don’t have Easter eggs here.
  • The Canary Islands are all about the fish dishes this time of year particularly San Cocho.
  • Just used the list feature on the Avocado app to share some Date Night ideas with E.
  • The need for toast wins over my need to stay in bed any longer.
  • Just wrote a 3 page letter (with a pen and paper) and now I think I have carpal tunnel! I could type for hours but writing hurts?!! WTF?
  • Shutting down brain for the evening – buenas noches don’t forget to put your clock forward an hour zzzz
  • Watching
    • The Vampire Diaries – Damon: Sorry it’s Becca I didn’t have a pony to distract her. LOL

On This Day 2012

  • ‘I Swear’ just came on the radio and all I can think of is Ryan Reynolds 🀣
  • Been a busy bunny today, working on the new Facebook timeline page designs and making them look user friendly.
  • Used Mercadona supermarket’s camomile shampoo for blondes today and it’s made my hair super shiny!!! Pleasantly surprised πŸ˜€
  • Almost forgot that I have an episode of The Vampire Diaries to catch up on, last week’s was good. I hope Stefan and Elena get back together.
  • Just watched pigeon eating a piece of chicken – even the wildlife is feeling the economic pinch.
  • Some guy just came into the restaurant selling socks, shouting his head off – at least it stopped the cannibal pigeon from eating his chicken.

On This Day 2009

Not happy! Had my adsense account deleted and I haven’t done anything wrong!

Thanks for reading,
Vikki πŸ’–

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