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10 Minute Morning Energiser Indoor Walk

This 10 Minute Morning Energiser Indoor Walk by Up To The BEat Fit on YouTube is especially great for when energy is low and it really opens up the chest. There’s no jumping or equipment needed and after just 10 minutes it should leave you ready for the day. This is also handy to do when you want to cram a workout in and you don’t have much time or are starting your fitness journey and want to get your body moving.

I personally keep coming back to this workout as it sets me up for the day and gives me that little nudge to get motivated and moving. Up To The Beat videos are awesome for getting in those at home workouts, whether you work from home or as we have globally been spending more time at home in recent years. There’s so many free dance and walking workouts to choose from with amazing soundtracks and all with certified instructor the fantastic Gina B.

This workout includes a warm up and cool down and is a mix of latin style dance steps, walking on the spot, marching and raising the arms.

10 Minute Morning Energiser Walk VIDEO

Up To The Beat Energiser Walk

Have you tried this workout or any of the other free workouts from Gina B?

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