My Immatureness Officially Feels Clean Now

My immatureness officially feels clean now.

– Anon Spammer

Yep since has been back up and running, it’s being inundated with spammers, like ants round crumbs on my kitchen counter (but that’s another story see below).

My recent spammers are being creative so much so, that I have to stop a second longer just to check if they have genuinely commented on my blog or not. But, alas, they are all just trying to get links to their fake Luis Vuitton handbag websites.

I really like looking through them sometimes because they come out with some strange quotes like the one I chose for today’s blog post, which is appropriate as this post is about fresh starts.

About those ants

Back to the ants because why not? Ants are clever, too clever for my liking. In my part of the world, we have just experienced a mega heatwave, with some sand pollution thrown in for fun. Of course Spring has Sprung but where I live it’s more like 2 seasons – Spring and Summer. It of course encouraged some over friendly ants to pay a visit. Of course they first arrived a couple weeks ago when my OH spilled Sprite all down the dining table and even after cleaning it must have left a sticky, tempting scent.


The ants cleverly decided to make a nest in my most used electric socket in the kitchen, which I sellotaped and they disappeared for a while, until this heatwave!

I went to get breakfast, or should I say Brinner? It was more dinner time than breakfast time, I blame the anxiety pills, they make me sleepy. So I sleepily grabbed the bread bag to find ants all over the place! My worktop counter is bubblegum blue so they are easy to spot, needless to say I ate only things from the fridge.

That day was taken up with scrubbing and hoovering the blighters up, wondering where on Earth their nest was….

Lucky girl that I am, my OH found out about a new 50’s diner that had opened in the city and we drove up there later on to enjoy some burgers and hot dogs. :)

On returning we found the ants nest, it was a tiny crack in the old wooden window frame. The bug spray from the supermarket wasn’t doing much, so we bunged some kitchen towel in the crack laced with spray.

Fresh Start

I was thinking about the hours I wasted cleaning the ants up and how I could have been doing something else instead like blogging. I look around my office now and see so much junk, could this be the real reason I’m not getting round to blogging? I’m blaming the ants but I suppose I should minimalise a bit in here. There really are things that shouldn’t be in here, like aftersun lotion and birthday cards on display from last year.

Have you started your Spring Clean yet? Do you have any tips on where to start? My main area I would like to tackle is my office as it is the one room I spend most of my hours in.

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  • Winnie

    Fun post! I have found I am getting a lot of those spamming “ants” now too. At first I think it is a real comments, but as I read they are always trying to sell or get to me their “site”. I do mark “spam” to each, but they return I am sure.

    Spring is now in the air here FINALLY, so I plan to start tomorrow in my garden as the weather has ravished it this winter.

    • Cuteek

      The spam comments I’m getting lately are pretty complimentary lol, I might even quote feature a few of them in a blog post they are so ridiculous!

      How are you getting on with your garden? My Spring cleaning has resulted in me peeling a flaky door so far, that could have waited really, but hey it’s therapeutic! 😀