Mad Hatter Sketch

A few years back when Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie came out, I was immediately hooked and so decided to go to the local carnival dressed as the Mad Hatter.

So as I was up-cycling my costume and doing the whole works, face paint included, I looked at so many photos and even had a go at sketching Johnny Depp to give me some inspiration. I might add, that these were the days before Pinterest, so I borrowed my Mum’s water colours and just started to draw.

Mad Hatter Sketch

I wouldn’t call myself an artist but I do like to get creative and express myself, I love making things. If I remember right, this was to get a gist of colours used in the Mad Hatter’s makeup and so that’s why he is without his hat.

I also did a sketch around the same time of The Red Queen holding a pig, but I can’t seem to find it or the photo I took of it anywhere. If I do I will add it to the blog. If you love all things Alice in Wonderland you might want to check out my dedicated Pinterest boards with everything Alice inspired, including tea parties, fashion, Alice in Wonderland cakes and makeup.

Do you like to sketch or paint?


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