Pink iPad Smart Cover – Bargain!

My trusty iPad 2 was looking a bit worse for wear and I didn’t fancy shelling out near 40€ for a new apple smart cover, but the original blue cover which I’ve had nearly 3 years was all sloppy and not closing properly.

Whilst browsing in El Corte Ingles at the weekend, I spotted a big sale on smart covers for iPad 2. Even the leather smart covers were 9€, but I fancied a girly pink one.

pink iPad cover

The original price was 36,90€ which is outrageous anyway. I know there are plenty of knock offs on eBay and Amazon, but I wanted something with staying power. I’m assuming the huge price drop is because most people have upgraded to the iPad mini or iPad air.

My pink iPad cover has given it a new lease of life and I feel myself wanting to use it again. Is that bad? Maybe instead of upgrading so quickly to the latest tech we should give our older devices a bit of TLC first. Tonight I’m going to be deleting any apps I no longer use and trying to reduce the memory usage a little.

Do you have an iPad? What is your favourite app?


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My First Pinterest Fail and Easter

Here in Spain we’ve been celebrating Easter known as Semana Santa all week. It’s not about chocolate eggs here, but more about going to mass and then to the beach. I did neither, preferring to go shopping with my man and having a little spree in Primark and hitting the Essence makeup counter for a mini haul (blog posts on both coming soon)

This is only a quick post as I wanted to mention my first pinterest fail. Well that I will admit. My very first PF involved a phone case, clear nail polish and a huge tub of glitter, it was too much of a fail to blog about.

One of my newest Pinterest boards ‘Cleaning Tips’ is as the title suggests, tips for cleaning the home and making it welcoming. I chose what looked like a foolproof pin to follow, which suggested soaking fabric softener into a small towel, make sure it’s wrung out then hang it somewhere indoors to dry. This is supposed to let the smell circulate as the towel dries.

Follow Cuteek’s board Cleaning Tips on Pinterest.

I wish I had used rubber gloves, because now my hands smell of fabric softener, no matter how many times I was them and I’m not even that keen on the scent anymore, especially since I was just eating some Pringles and they had a ‘soft meadow breeze’ taste to them. Yuk.

washing machine

Have you ever made a pinterest fail? Let me know in the comments. Also did you do anything nice for Easter or the weekend if you don’t celebrate it?

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Rimmel Mascara 1,80 FLASH SALE!

Attention owners of eyelashes and lovers of mascara – Rimmel are having a FLASH SALE on their Rockin´Curves mascara to celebrate 180 years of cool! Until 3pm this afternoon you can get one of these fab mascaras for only 1,80 yes 180pennies!

You can buy Rockin’ Curves mascara by Rimmel at Superdrug,, TheHut, Tesco and LookFantastic (they have free worldwide shipping)

Rimmel mascara flash sale

Are you a mascara lover? Did you manage to grab one of these on offer?


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