Dear Santa: 5 Geeky Christmas Gifts

5 Fandom FridayIt’s Friday which means it’s time for 5 Fandom Friday where you can get to know a little bit more about me and the things I obsess and geek about.

Thanks to The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick for coming up with the idea!

This week I’m sharing my wishlist of 5 Geeky Christmas Gifts I would love to see under the Christmas tree this year. Wink wink nudge nudge Santa ;) I’ve already been a bit naughty and ordered myself some gifts online, so I hope I’m still on the nice list.

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T-Shirt

This TMNT tee is one of the goodies I ordered online from Jukupop. Since it arrived I’ve been singing the theme song in my head, but I wondered why I kept singing ‘Teenage Mutant HERO Turtles’. A quick look on Youtube and I realised my 80’s childhood in the UK was censored!!

The US version is called ‘Teenage Mutant NINJA Turtles’ but apparently this was too violent for the UK release and so they changed the name and even edited out Mikey’s nunchucks! Cool story bro.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T-shirt

2. Nintendo Amiibo Figures

Ever since we got our Nintendo Wii U, I wondered what the little space was for on the left side of the gamepad. Now we know it’s to scan the data on the new Amiibo figures, which you can level up in games like Smash Bros. or get cool Mario Kart 8 racing gear for your miis.

I’ve already seen some very cool custom Amiibos, which I will cover in another post. I’d be happy with any of the main Mario characters, Link, the Animal Crossing Villager is so cute and the Wii Fit Trainer is hilarious in the Smash Bros. game play I’ve seen! It’s likely that I will be collecting them all at some point, best make some room on the figurine shelf ha!

3. LEGO Minifigures Display Case

Speaking of figures, I’m really into collecting LEGO minifigures and love the surprise of opening the packet to see which new character is going to live on my shelf. The one thing I don’t like is when they get dusty, so I would love some LEGO minifigure display cases like the ones from They are more grownup than the bright ones on Amazon don’t you think?

LEGO Display Case

4. Nintendo 3DS XL Retro NES Edition

Just how awesome is this retro edition of the Nintendo 3DS XL? I would actually feel greedy asking for this DS as I already have the limited edition Luigi 3DS XL and so I would give this to my BF as he doesn’t have one. :)

Retro NES Nintendo 3DS XL

5. Polaroid Socialmatic Camera

When I think Polaroid, I think of cool instant photos with a retro vibe to them. But, Polaroid is giving us the best of both worlds in their new offering, the 14 megapixel Polaroid Socialmatic camera. It runs on Android to get your images online and to your fave social networks, plus it has an internet browser and email cllient. All that and more plus the ability to print off instant pics too! You can even put cool QRcodes on them and text. It costs a lot but how cool is it?!

Polaroid Socialmatic Camera

I hope you enjoyed this collection of Geeky Christmas Gifts!

What’s on your Christmas wishlist?


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Instaweek #49

Hi cute geeks! Are you getting into the spirit of Christmas yet? I’m feeling quite festive especially since my last blog post about my fave Christmas songs! Let’s take a look at my instaweek number 49.

My Instaweek

shop til you drop

On Cyber Monday I ordered a few goodies which I will show you in another post, as they have only just arrived. One of said goodies is a retro style TMNT t-shirt which I’m super excited to wear, from my fave tee shop Jukupop. I also got some new makeup bits from Superdrug.
In Primark earlier this week I scored 2 awesome Christmas t-shirts, one of them has Christmas puddings printed all over it, the other is a snowflake pattern. Sometimes it’s too warm to wear Christmas jumpers here. (Not bragging)

Primark Christmas Goodies

At the checkout in Primark, I noticed the card machine offered ‘contactless pay’ which my new card has and I’ve never tried it before so of course, I passed my card over the machine. The girl on the till must have thought I’d never used my card before because she was all like ‘No you have to insert the card here like this’. I felt so stupid, I was asking about the contactless pay and she just looked at me like I was a weirdo haha. I’m sure the other people in the queue thought the same. My BF and I chose a new Christmas decoration for our house this year, a glass heart with lights, got home opened it and it was shattered. :( It’s so pretty too!

Punto Limpio

To prepare for the arrival of some VIPHG (very important house guests) my parents are here for Christmas, we’ve been getting rid of all kinds like the old hoover and boxes. A trip to the punto limpio was just what we needed. To make the house feel lovely, I’ve also been burning some of my new Yankee Candle melts. Snow in Love, is a nice fresh smell with something else added in the mix and my new favourite Honey and Spice is really warm and festive, perfect for Christmas although I would still like to try out Snowflake Cookie.

Yankee Candle Tarts

Selfie Stick Weirdo

One of my birthday presents was a Selfie Stick aka MonoPod. I’m not one for taking a lot of selfies, but I really like it to steady my iPhone when I film Youtube videos and take the occasional photo of my BF and I instead of asking someone else to take it, or having a short arm selfie. Where I live, you don’t see many of these selfie sticks, so at first it was a little bit embarrassing but now I’m not too bothered. :)

Selfie Stick

Shivery Chihuahua

The season has changed and evenings are a lot cooler than usual here, so I was inspired to draw a little ‘Shivery Chi’ on the fridge door. He looked cold so I drew him wearing a jumper.

Chihuahua Art

I also finished decorating the Christmas tree, hurray! It’s a Nightmare before Christmas, Disney, Barbie mashup. I’ll post a pic on my instagram when I have a good photo of it lit up, so keep your eyes peeled.

My week in stats:

noms I ate:

Hot Chocolate
Custard Cake
Malteasers chocolate bar


Once Upon a Time (started season 3 – to Neverland we go!)
Jane The Virgin (Watch this)
Revenge (About to watch the season finale omg!)
New Girl
Resurrection (Back on at last, I was wondering how Agent Bellamy was)
The Vampire Diaries



video games played:

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff

Do you have your Christmas decorations up yet?


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5 Christmas Songs to Get You in the Spirit

5 Fandom FridayIt’s Friday which means it’s time for 5 Fandom Friday where you can get to know a little bit more about me and the things I obsess and geek about.

Thanks to The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick for coming up with the idea!

Christmas Songs to get you in the Spirit

This week I’m talking about spreading festive cheer with 5 Christmas Songs to get you in the Spirit.

Note: ‘Holiday Songs’ to me, are my favourite songs that remind me of the beach when I go on holiday, so that’s why I’ve changed it to Christmas songs. :)

So let’s crack on, when it comes to Christmas songs I like them to make me feel happy and so you won’t find me listening to the likes of Silent Night, Auld Lang Syne or anything by Band Aid.

1: Jingle Bell Rock

Mean Girls is such an iconic film, the scene where the girls are performing in the talent show is pretty funny.

2: Mr Hanky The Christmas Poo

Spreading joy with a ‘Howdy Ho’ – I had this South Park song memorised and still think it’s hilarious! It’s actually an awful song but fantastic at the same time.

3: Stop The Cavalry

Now for some oldies, Stop the Cavalry is from 1980 and reminds me of childhood Christmases. I just love the trumpets, so festive!

4: The Power of Love

Frankie Goes To Hollywood released this one back in the 80’s too. I think the video and song compliment each other perfectly. It’s also nice to see Jasper, Balthazar and Melchor depicted in this video, they are often left out. Here in Spain, they are the ones that bring the presents ;)

5: The Little Drummer Boy

Barompa pom pom… peace on Earth can it be? David Bowie and Bing Crosby in one song? Yes, another oldie but how great do their voices sound together.

I’d love to know if any of my songs are your favourites too? Who brings your presents Santa or Los Reyes Magos? ;)

What is your favourite Christmas song?


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