Cognito app Brain Training Game

Cognito app brain training game

Hi cute geeks, Do you love brain training style games? If your answer is yes, then you are going to love the Cognito app! I actually saw this advertised as I was playing Family Guy The Quest for Stuff. After watching the video, I decided to download it. Cognito encourage you to ‘Brighten Your Brain’ […]

The Woman in Black Review

The Woman in Black Review

Hi cute geeks! I haven’t been very well over the last couple of days, I think my kidney hates me. My biggest achievement was changing out of PJs in clean PJs. Oh well, the best remedy for that is films and video games on the sofa! Hence The Woman In Black review. I didn’t realise […]

How to deal with Blog Copycats

How to deal with copycat bloggers

Have you ever had an amazing blog post idea while you were in the shower? You wrap yourself up in a towel quickly, almost tripping over the cat (or dog) to get to your computer or find a scrap of paper to scrawl the idea down before you forget. How to deal with Blog Copycats […]

Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas

Hi cute geeks! What games are you playing this Summer? I’ve just discovered an awesome Grand Theft Auto style game called Gangstar Vegas by Gameloft. I’m a firm believer that gaming is gaming, so I don’t care if it’s on my XBOX 360 or my trusty iPad 2 original. Mobile gaming can be a little […]

Pretty Little Liars Clues and Theories

Pretty Little Liars Clues

Can you believe that the PLL Finale is finally here? Twitter has gone absolutely nuts tonight and last minute theories are flying across the internet as we try to figure out ‘Who is A?’ The lovely people at ABCFamily have set up where they are releasing clues about A for every 10,000 tweets using […]

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Evil Week

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Evil Week

Hi cute geeks, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a game guide. But, here we are with a quick overview of the latest mini event from TinyCo, Family Guy The Quest for Stuff EVIL WEEK! Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Evil Week Of course Satan is making an appearance and you can grab […]

30 Days of Yoga Challenge

30 Days of Yoga

Did you know I recently turned into a couch potato? I’m blaming the hot Canary Island sunshine and binging on Lost for the last 2 months. Alas, it’s time to fix that so I started the 30 Days of Yoga Challenge with Adriene. I’m going to be using this blog post as a sort of […]