My Instaweek #2: Kings & Space Invaders

Hi cute geeks! Can you believe how quickly January is flying past? Here we go with another instaweek, in which we celebrated 3 Kings Day.
Some of my pics are included in the #fmsphotoaday challenge over on instagram but always keep an eye out for sneaky bonus pics that don’t get the insta treatment. ;)

my instaweek

Day 5: Square

I got this cute Keroppi watch in a McDonald’s Happy Meal ages ago and have been meaning to post it. It’s a bit clumpy to wear but it looks sweet. After taking a quick pic, we went off to the 3 Kings parade in our village. In Spain it’s the night when children can give their wishlists to their favourite King and watch as they arrive into the village on camels. The main present giving day here is on 6th January.
Keroppi WatchPalm Tree

Day 6: Round

Woohoo Los Reyes Magos visited us, new PJ’s for me and a Lacoste cap which I can’t wait to wear on my walks when it’s hot out. We went visiting family to exchange gifts and then had a lovely meal at a restaurant. On walking back to the car, I looked up and saw this huge palm tree looming down.

Day 7: Currently Reading

Ever since I downloaded Fangirl to my Kindle, I’ve been engrossed. It’s taken me a while, mainly because I read in bed and often fall asleep holding my iPod. At the moment I’m at 80% so here’s hoping I finish it soon and find out the fates of Cather, Wren and Levi.
Fangirl Rainbow Rowellbeach landscape

Day 8: Landscape

I’ve been taking loads of beach walks lately, aiming for 10,000 steps on my Fitbit every day. Winter sunsets are my favourite.

Day 9: Pattern

My donut PJs from Primark are the cutest. The shorts are covered in a donut print and the top says ‘Donut worry be happy’. It makes me laugh every time I wear them.
Donut Pattern PJsSpace Invaders Light

Day 10: Hello

My brother bought me this Space Invaders light one Christmas. You push the back and his eyes light up so he’s the perfect handbag companion.

Day 11: I see…

On yet another beach walk I saw this awesome sandcastle with rock pile features. It was like someone had taken sandcastles to the next level.
sandcastle with rock piles

Bonus photo: Milkyway

My neighbour’s dog is adorable! When they first adopted him I saw him in the stairwell but didn’t know his name so his pure white coat earned him the name Milkyway. Calling him anything else just feels weird. (Milkyway wishes his real name to remain anonymous) ;)

The other day, I was on our roof garden and he just hopped on my knee and enjoyed the sunshine, tried to give me a big kiss and then refused to move when my neighbour told him to stop being a pesado. :D

dog licking nose

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Watching: Hot Shots “Fluffy bunny feet” :D
Reading: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (80%)
Listening: Rude by Magic
Making: Making a mess. Our balcony is being refurbished.
Feeling: Hungry for cake.
Planning: Cake
Loving: er… cake

How was your week?


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My Instaweek #1: Palm Trees and Santa Cat

It’s a New Year and after a lovely Christmas it’s time to start up my instaweek posts again. I really enjoy playing along with the #FMSPhotoaday hashtag by FatMumSlim on Instagram.
When the new weekly photo challenges came about for January I was excited to incorporate them into my instaweek posts.

my instaweek

Day 1: The Sky

Autumn/Winter is my absolute favourite time of year and as you may tell from my instagram feed, I really like palm trees. I love seeing the silhouettes of them against candy coloured skies. New Year’s Day we took a walk on the beach and just enjoyed being outside.
Palm Tree SilhouetteYellow Fence

Day 2: Something Yellow

The something yellow photo prompt was fun. I’ve been trying to get more FitBit steps in so here’s to more outdoor photos. This super bright fence really stood out with the different shades of yellow and the angles.

Day 3: Me Today

But first, let me take a selfie. I bought a really cute bat t-shirt in the sales a couple of days after Halloween, I think it’s sweet to wear all year round though.
Cute Bat T-ShirtPalm Tree Silhouette

Day 4: I hear

We’ve had some really windy weather, so much so, my neighbour’s roof blew off in the middle of the night! Thankfully nobody was hurt and the police sectioned the street off quickly.

Bonus photo: Santa Cat

We went to eat out at our favourite seafood restaurant, which is right on the beach and also cat heaven. The most beautiful ginger cat sat underneath our table, looking at us with it’s huge lemur-like eyes. On closer inspection he/she was looking very festive with what looks like a Santa beard. I’ve never seen a cat with such a thick coat of fur, or a beard for that matter. :D

Ginger Cat with Beard

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Watching: I watched the latest Switched at Birth last night. Daphne is really annoying at the moment. I feel so bad for Bay.
Reading: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (73%)
Listening: All of Me by John Legend
Making: Putting lists of blog post ideas together and getting more organised
Feeling: Sore throat yuk! Hopefully it’s just one of those morning sore throats.
Planning: An evening walk by the beach
Loving: Spending time with my BF and parents

How was your week?


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Family Guy The Quest For Stuff: New Year Event

The citizens of Quahog want to wish us a Happy New Year in the new Family Guy The Quest For Stuff New Year event. I’m glad of this as I didn’t finish the Christmas Event! We are being treated to a new character for this event Jillian, Brian’s girlfriend.

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff New Year Event

Don’t worry, if like myself you didn’t get to use your Christmas Cookies up in the Christmas event, you can use them in the New Year’s Mystery Box with Rupert. I don’t have enough cookies to do this sadly but I’m sure some of you will have 10,000+ cookies accumulated. Trade them in for clams, coins and exclusive decorations including stuff for the Rite of Passage Tower.

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff New Year Event

You’re probably going to wish you hadn’t spent all your coins on buying those last pieces of land as this event brings new buildings and decorations. New quests include Auld Lang Syne.

How to Unlock Jillian

Buy the Easter Egg Booth for $1,000 and Jillian will appear. To unlock her you need to collect the following items:
+ 3 x Send Bruce Kitten Picken’ – (20 hours each time)
+ 15 x White Eggs (uncommmon)
+ 20 x Champagne Glasses (rare)
+ 3 x Bunny Ears (extra rare)
+ Get Jillian’s Apartment from Rite of Passage Tower

Buy the Rite of Passage Tower and then collect the following items to unlock Jillian’s Apartment:

+ 10 x Party Hat (common)
+ 10 x 2015 Glasses (common)
+ 10 x Champagne Glasses (rare)
+ 10 x Noise Maker (rare)

New Year Event Decorations:

Brilliant Fireworks – $1,500
Balloon Clusters – $1,000
Twinkling Fireworks – $750
Blazing Fireworks – $2,500
Big Bang Fireworks – $5,000
FunTime Arches – $2,500
Da Boom Console – 100 clams
Gentle Reminder Sign – $10,000

New Year Event Buildings:

Average Puff o’Stuff – 75 clams
Little Puff o’Stuff – $1,000
Big Puff o’Stuff – 100 clams
Party Tent – $7,500
Quahog Clock Tower – $5,000

I will add more to this mini Family Guy The Quest For Stuff guide as I discover it.

Have you started on the new event?


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