Things To Do in Todmorden

On returning from a countryside break in West Yorkshire with my family, I just had to compile my list of things to do in Todmorden! It was almost like being in a totally different country, despite it only taking an hour in the car from my parents home in Lancashire.

Things to do in Todmorden

Things to do in Todmorden

We stayed for the week in the beautiful Stables Cottage, Todmorden, which my parents found via Sykes Cottages. The owners also have an equestrian school and it’s in the middle of some amazing, inspiring fields. The cottage sleeps 5 and each room has it’s own bathroom! How cool is that? We had some awesome family nights, thanks to the games cupboard and selection of DVDs. (Meet the Fockers never gets old)

Stables Cottage Todmorden

The town of Todmorden was a nice hike downhill from the cottage and we popped out just by the canal.

Todmorden Shops

There are lots of little shops and cafes to check out, plus Todmorden Library (free wifi), the Todmorden Tourist Information Centre (the lady working there was ever so helpful and even told us about the nearby beach! More on that later) There is a rather grand Town Hall, apparently half of which is in Yorkshire, the other half in Lancashire.

Todmorden Shops

We were quite amused at some of the pub names, ‘The Polished Knob‘ had live music on one afternoon which my Dad was particularly looking forward to but when we arrived it was full!

Charity shops are scattered down the main street so if you love having a mooch for a bargain (like my Mum and Auntie) then you will be pleased. The entrance to Todmorden has a Morrisons supermarket, where we stocked up on goodies for the cottage, not forgetting Aldi on the way out of the town where we picked up some fresh avocados and carrot cake!

Todmorden Toy and Model Museum was on my list of places to visit in Todmorden, but I was quite disappointed. On entering the shop, it looked more like an episode of hoarders than a museum. Heading toward the ‘Start Here’ sign we entered a room which had a mattress on the floor surrounded by stacks of old toys and there was a musty smell of cigars in the air. It had a really uneasy feel to it so we walked backwards out of the shop before the owner of the mattress appeared!

It was quite the hike back up to the cottage but we made it. A taxi probably would have cost a couple of pound and there seemed to be buses running that way also.

Todmorden Beach

Back up at the cottage, which was watched over by 2 feisty but friendly Yorkshire Terriers Molly and George, (my new BFF’s) we had a think about what we heard about the nearby beach. How could there be a beach in the middle of the countryside?

Thinking it was a joke but half curious we planned our ascent for the sunniest day of the week when my brother paid a visit. Selfie stick in hand we headed to the gate by the Shepherd’s Rest Inn. I’m glad we asked a local which path to take as our hiking skills are beginner level! We veered right onto the longer but easier climb. I only managed to fall once (grass stains galore) but as we arrived closer to the top and had a rest near the ‘Indiana Jones’ steps, little did we know what we would see at the top!

Todmorden Beach

Yes, a beach! In fact at 780ft above sea level, Gaddings Dam is the highest beach in Britain! We made it, finally. A short walk took us to the small but impressive sandy shore, which even had a few sunbathers. It was perfect for a paddle after that climb.

The way back down was much shorter, because A we were famished and B we took the billy goat path down. I wouldn’t even attempt this on a rainy or muddy day for fear of falling, but luckily the earth was dry and with the help of my extended selfie stick, I made it down in one piece. The Shepherd’s Rest Inn was where we headed next to refuel and meet with my Auntie and Uncle.

The Shepherd’s Rest Inn

Because I didn’t realise that there was a wifi connection in the cottage until midweek, the Shepherd’s Rest was my link to the outside world where I could connect to their free wifi. It might seem a bit sad but I am a blogger after all and I am usually online most of the day. It’s a lovely dog friendly pub, everyone just sort of chats to each other and the food was pretty good too. The day of the hike I ordered their tune mayo sandwich although I don’t really do mayonnaise and it was huge!

Top Brink

I’d say Top Brink was my favourite place to eat in Todmorden. We visited there on the first night and sampled the beer battered fish and chips. Delicious! Another evening we went and I ordered 2 side dishes and made my own as I really fancied rice and pepper sauce! Top Brink also has free wifi. πŸ˜‰

Horse Riding

I’ll admit, I was a bit unsure about horse riding because of past experience, but seeing as Longfield Equestrian School was a hop skip and jump from the cottage, (same owners) My Dad, Auntie and I all booked a private half hour lesson with Beth who was very patient with us and so lovely.

longfield equestrian centre todmorden

The lesson started as we found our riding hats, which was very comical! Then we headed to our horse’s stables and were taught how to untie them and walk them to the arena. My horse was called RAMBO! I couldn’t believe it, as this is the same name as my dog! I then felt so comfortable as I knew it was meant to be.

My Mum was spectating and took so many photos and videos, which are so nice to look back on. The lesson went by so fast, but I would definitely go back again, even if we just went for the day to have lessons. My Dad was a natural and I can see him trying it out again too.

Grandma Pollard’s Fish and Chips

Although not technically in Todmorden, Grandma Pollard’s deserves a mention as it’s only down the road is Walsden. This place has THE BEST fish and chips I’ve ever tasted. The staff are very friendly and the guy who runs it Tony came to say hello and made sure we were all looked after. They have an old bus at the back which you can even eat on. We did this, it’s such a novelty, made me feel like I was on a school trip! If you feel like dining al fresco they have a lovely picnic area right next to the canal.

Phew, as you can see there are plenty of things to do in Todmorden! I’m planning another post for things to do nearby, such as Hebden Bridge, Haworth and Skipton Castle.

I’m also working on my video editing skills so stay tuned and fingers crossed for some vlogs. You can find me here on Youtube and it would be lovely if you subscribed to give me a bit of encouragement. Do you have any video editing tips for me?


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Handmade Cheshire Cat Cushions

So there isn’t much official Cheshire Cat merchandise for the home BUT, the super talented Scavenger Annie on Etsy has made these awesome Cheshire Cat cushions!

Scavenger Annie Etsy Shop

If you are a Tim Burton fan like me and prefer his version of Alice in Wonderland, then this awesome black Cheshire Cat cushion is just for you. It’s also available in hot pink and teal.

cheshire cat cushion

For fans of the majestic, playful side of Ches then this Cheshire Cat cushion in purple, green or pink may appeal more.

cheshire cat cushion

Which one is your favourite? I’m loving the black one! These faux furry felines are totally going to brighten up any sofa or bed and will definitely have your friends and family wondering where you got them.

How cool is it that Cheshire Cat looks like he’s partially disappeared?

Each cushion is $43.54 USD / €40.03 EUR / Β£28 GBP


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My Instaweek #18: Eyeliners and a Haircut

Hi cute geeks!

I didn’t realise it had been so long since I shared ‘My Instaweek‘ with you all! Eek!

my instaweek

What have I been doing?
Well, decluttering is taking me FOREVER! What started as a Spring Clean is turning into a Summer Sortout.

I’m going to share some posts with you soon about how I decluttered my makeup and a little DIY chair project I’ve been working on, so stay tuned for that.

I’ve also been ‘trying’ to catch up with 100 Days of Being Geek Chic and Healthy, but failing miserably.

I try to follow the #fmsphotoaday prompts, but for this week I did a Tris and diverted.

Anyhoo, here’s my cute geeky week in photos:

Decluttering Makeup

How many eyeliners does one person need? This isn’t even all of my makeup!
Decluttering Makeup


I hadn’t had my hair cut since August last year! Yikes. I had 4 inches cut off and resisted getting any highlights, still rocking the natural blonde look with last years ombre ends. I’m lemon juicing the hell out of it when we go on our mini break haha.
Long Hair Don't Care


Watching Younger Sutton Foster (Bunheads) plays Liza a 40 year old passing herself off as 26 to get a job in the publishing world. The character is so out of touch with everything it’s hilarious like when she is told to set up a twitter account for work. It’s kind of like a back to front ‘Jane by Design’.

Blast from the Past I really enjoyed this film, Brendan Fraser plays a guy who has lived his entire life in a bunker, when he is 35 he discovers the real world.
Reading Understanding Minimalism. Declutter Your Life to Reduce Stress
Listening to the birds tweeting outside
Making A cup of Liptons Green Tea with Mint
Feeling A bit sore from Zumba last night
Planning On sanding and priming the next dining chair
Loving The freeing feeling of getting the house organised

Don’t forget to follow me on instagram @cuteek πŸ˜‰

Do you have any decluttering or Spring cleaning tips?


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