Game of Thrones: First Impressions

Hi cute geeks!

Winter is coming!

Last night I watched Game of Thrones for the first time and 7 minutes in, I felt like vomiting. I could manage with the guts at the start but I had to close my eyes when they showed the poor dead deer in the woods!

Game of Thrones

GoT is not at all what I was expecting, although I do like the supernatural idea of the White Walkers which were shown briefly at the beginning.

Jon Snow

As someone who hasn’t read the Game of Thrones books either, I found the amount of characters quite overwhelming. The only name I remembered was Jon Snow ;) and ‘Oh look it’s that woman who played Margot Al-Harazi in 24 and Margaret Langston in Resurrection’.

Game of Thrones Jon Snow

At one point I called out to the TV ‘But that’s your sister!‘ I can imagine this is a theme throughout the whole series. The blonde guy is a nasty piece of work. See I don’t know who anyone is.

All in all I enjoyed episode 1 except for when they brought the snakes out at the end.
That’s the one reason I can’t watch Harry Potter, snakes. They make my stomach flip and I start to shake when I see them so it’s not worth the upset.

I do feel like I’m missing out on a fandom by not watching. Should I read the Game of Thrones books?

Are you a Game of Thrones fan?


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Animal Crossing New Leaf: Bunny Day Guide

Hi cute geeks!

Are you an Animal Crossing addict like myself? If yes then you will know how much fun the mini events throughout the year are. This is the first year I played over the Easter holidays so I thought I’d write up a quick Animal Crossing New Leaf Bunny Day Guide.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Bunny Day Guide

On a normal day playing ACNL I leave my house with shovel in hand and look for stars on the floor which are a sign or fossils, pitfall seeds and gyroids. Because of this habit, I hit the ground running and before I even met with Zipper the rabbit in the Plaza I had already collected a fair amount of eggs.

Bunny Day Guide

Start out at your house, grab your shovel and dig up stars as you head to the Plaza. Instead of fossils you will dig up Earth Eggs. Head to the plaza and speak to Zipper the Easter Bunny.

ACNL Bunny Day

He will tell you there are 6 different types of eggs to be found in your village:

Earth Eggs – Dig up stars on the ground
Deep Sea Eggs – Go deep sea diving at the beach in your wetsuit
Rock Eggs – Hit rocks with your shovel
Water Eggs – Go fishing in the lake or ocean
Tree Eggs – Shake trees to find eggs
Sky Eggs – Pop balloons with your catapult to find hidden eggs

Animal Crossing New Leaf Bunny Day

You only need to give 1 of each type of egg to Zipper, the rest you can eat after Zipper has given you the Easter Basket. When you eat an egg, you will either find a Candy, Prize Ticket or Grand Prize Ticket.

Egg Furniture

If you take the Grand Prize Ticket to Zipper, he will give you a photo of himself. This is fun at first but the Prize Tickets can be exchanged for Egg Furniture.

There are 14 pieces of Egg Furniture to find, with HHA Toy Shop ranking:

Animal Crossing New Leaf Bunny Day

Egg Basket – Sell Price 200 Bells
Egg Bed – Sell Price 90 Bells
Egg Bench – Sell Price 90 Bells
Egg Chair – Sell Price 90 Bells
Egg Clock – Sell Price 90 Bells
Egg Dresser – Sell Price 90 Bells
Egg Floor – Sell Price 8,888 Bells
Egg Lamp – Sell Price 90 Bells
Egg Stereo – Sell Price 90 Bells
Egg Table – Sell Price 90 Bells
Egg Toy Set – Sell price 90 Bells
Egg TV – Sell Price 90 Bells
Egg Wall – Sell Price 8,888 Bells
Egg Wardrobe – Sell Price 90 Bells

As you can see, the egg floor and egg wall are worth the most at Re-Tail so if you find doubles of these you can sell them. Keep looking for eggs everywhere you can and as your pockets get full, just dump them on the floor in your Plaza. After you have collected a good amount, start eating the eggs, finding tickets and exchanging for egg prizes.

How many Bunny Day items did you find?


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Spring Blogging Goals

Hi cute geeks!

As you may know if you have been following the last couple of posts, I’m taking part in 100 Days of Being Geek Chic and Healthy. The idea is to blog everyday for 100 days, which I have NOT been doing but really want to try and catch up. I thought it was the perfect time to talk about my Spring Blogging Goals and what I hope to learn from this project.

Spring Blogging Goals

Blogging Goals

  • Write everyday, but write quality content that helps my readers get to know Cuteek
  • Network with other bloggers in my niche
  • Keep up with my online learning – Duolingo, Codecademy and Facebook Blueprint
  • Use Facebook Interests to make lists

Learning Curve

I’m really hoping to learn more about other bloggers that I follow and stick to this structure of posting. If you were to ask me about my blogging schedule, I’d probably say I enjoy writing ‘off the cuff’ and when I feel like it. But, the truth is if I use blogging prompts and make some kind of blog editorial, I find myself writing a post with a bit more soul instead of whatever is on the top of my head.

The BF and I had a lovely Easter weekend, watching Cinderella at the cinema and we also went to watch Disney on Ice. Because of my spontaneous posting, I have yet to write it up on the blog. Hopefully I will learn to write about the things I want to share right away instead of regretting it 2 weeks later.

Those are just a couple of my blogging goals and hopes for the rest of 100 Days of Being Geek Chic and Healthy.

100 Days of Being Geek, Chic and Healthy

This was day 4 and 5 of the 100 Days of Being Geek Chic and Healthy challenge.

You can find out more about me in Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.

What are your Blogging Goals?


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