Pretty Little Liars Theories: Alison had a baby

PLL day is here again and before tonight’s episode, I’d like to share some Pretty Little Liars Theories with you. Rewind back to 2013, I actually mentioned this in my first PLL theory blog post.

Byron is A

Alison had a baby

What? How? When? Ok, here’s where my theory of ‘Ella is A’ can tie in. I think at some point near the beginning of the PLL story, Byron (Aria’s Dad) got Alison pregnant! Shocker! Not really, he’s known for fooling around with students. So the reason Ali faked her own death was to get away from Mr & Mrs Montgomery (I think Ella found out) and became A.

Byron is A

When Melissa faked her pregnancy, it was to help Alison. She disappeared somewhere and I think wherever she went she was helping Ali give birth or using her healthcare number because at that point Alison was fake dead and couldn’t use her own.

I’d say this is the reason that Alison is still so scared, someone has her baby or is threatening to grab him. Last week the internet went mad with this Charles DiLaurentis anagram. Could that be the name of Alison’s baby?

In a nutshell, Alison gave birth to a child. Byron is the Father. Ella is A and Byron helps her.

Who do you think is A?


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Family Guy The Quest For Stuff: Star Trek Event

Greetings fellow Quahogians, I have some out of this world news. FGTQFS have just announced on their FB page that on March 19th Family Guy the Quest for Stuff Star Trek event began on March 19th and ends on April 30th! I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I do hope they do some nice tribute to Leonard Nimoy at some point.

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Star Trek Event (1)

Commander Riker has crashed his shuttlecraft into Quahog (thankfully not into any of my carefully placed buildings) and Peter must help him repair it. Our quest starts off with an easy-ish task of collecting beard trimmers, tricorders and the event currency dilithium. (I’m finding the last 30 dilithium difficult to obtain due to slow tribble drop rate)

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Star Trek Event

Tribbles look like little fluffy Yorkshire Terriers without faces and I want one! You tap on one and they multiply like Gremlins after midnight, so get tapping quickly to collect pink dilithium.

Once you have unlocked Riker, you can then visit the Enterprise. The music is wonderful and I’m sure Seth MacFarlane had a lot of involvement in this part of the game development.

Collect all of the Tribbles for more Dilithium and Captain’s Logs which you will need to unlock Starfleet Peter. From the ship you can then see the crew who are all trapped in some sort of conundrum, tapping on them will tell you their requirements.


Where no Griffin has gone before, An Officer and an Idiot.

How to unlock FGTQFS Star Trek Characters

  • William Riker – 8x Tricorders, 10x Beard Trimmers, 175x Dilithium
  • Starfleet Peter – 150x Dilithium, 14x Captain’s Logs, 8x Replicator Hamburgers, 8x Red Shirts
  • Starfleet Lois
  • Vulcan Quagmire
  • Klingon Chris
  • Talosian Stewie
  • Geordi La Forge
  • Ferengi Mort
  • Troi in Ten Forward
  • Locutos in The Bridge
  • Crusher in The Sick Bay
  • Data in The Holodeck

Star Trek Buildings

  • Dilithium Mine – 700 clams (Drops 500 Dilithium)
  • Dilithium Refinery – 400 clams (Drops 200 Dilithium)
  • Dilithium Lab – 200 clams (Drops 50 Dilithium)

Star Trek Decorations

  • Fartonic Tree – 55 Dilithium
  • Pod Plant – 35 Dilithium

FGTQFS Star Trek Tips

+ Clear a piece of land for any Star Trek decor and buildings so your new items aren’t all over the place.
+ Don’t spend your dilithium too soon, collect 175 to start with so you can unlock Riker.

Which Star Trek characters are you hoping to see?


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Pretty Little Liars Theories: Varjak

As all PLL fans know, there are only a couple of episodes left until the #BigAReveal! The internet is going crazier than usual with Pretty Little Liars theories and Marlene has hinted yet another clue via Twitter. Varjak is the name that Cyrus wrote down in the hospital where he is in the ICU after he was attacked.

Name within a name

Looking at the actual word Varjak, what can we see? Well by accident I noticed that if you cover up the bottom of the letter J, it spells aria! Now I don’t know who Varjak is but this is certainly a subliminal clue if anything. (note: I’ve done all kinds of crazy analysing this name, even with a mirror! The lengths that PLL fans go to haha.)

Pretty Little Liars Theories

Ella Montgomery is A

Pretty Little Liars Theories

I’m sticking to my guns and keeping with my theory that Ella is A. So with that in mind let’s look at the name Varjak again. Paul Varjak is a character in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s where Audrey Hepburn plays Holly Golightly. Holly Marie Combs is the name of the actress that plays Ella in PLL. A stretch too far? Maybe. It could also suggest that Byron is A or at least Varjak!

Who do you think is A?


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